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Don't forget great content

I have been working on an article for about 6 hours today. When I started
it I thought this is good stuff and its stuff I have used before and would
be useful to other people. I finished earlier on tonight. I left
it for an hour and then re-read the post. To be blunt it was utter rubbish. It
didn't make a lot of sense and it didn't read too well. To
my amazement I was not annoyed at wasting six hours I was delighted with wasting
6 hours.

bloggingI was delighted with the revelation of writing. I have never before
written a piece and thought it was rubbish, when some of it must be. The
fact is; I recognised that it was rubbish which shows me that I have become
a better writer, it shows me I am more concerned with my content, it shows
me that I care enough about my readers, it shows me my whole attitude to blogging
and writing has changed.

In the early days I was more concerned with putting something up rather than
the messages I was posting. Now I care a lot more about the content and my writing style. Much has still to be improved but much has already been improved.

The tips I am using

  1. Write about the things you love. The passion will always come across
    in your posts.
  1. When you have finished writing your post, leave it for a few hours and
    then re-read it, leave it again and re-read it.
  2. Unless you have a news blog, write 1 post every 1 -2 days. Writing
    too many posts swamps the blog and your cornerstone posts will be missed.
  3. Research the topic you are writing about, it will add depth and knowledge
    to your posts.
  4. Write for yourself with your readers in mind not for your readers with
    you in mind
  5. Write shorter sentences. Extraneous wording is a sure fire
    way to losing people when they are reading long sentences that have no meaning
    and start to lose the plot a little bit like this sentence you are reading
    just now.
  6. Grab the reader's attention with a few lines for your first paragraph.
  7. Read "˜Ernest
    Hemingway's 5 tips'
  8. Break up your longer blog posts with sub headings.
  9. Keep writing and when you're all out of things to write about keep

I hope some of these tips helps your blogging as writing great content is the best way to attract readers and attract a following.

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