Change your life with a computer and a headset

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Using your computer to change your life

Computers have changed our lives and our world beyond measure. I cannot
imagine what I would do without my computer to communicate, to write, to organise
my life, generate ideas, research, read, listen, make money etc. We
are using the power of the computer to change the way we live but can we use
it to change our lives internally?

I would like to show you a way to use your computer to change your own life
using the internet, a headset with microphone attachment, a set of intentions
and a quick software download.

This exercise is possibly the most powerful exercise you will do in
your life and possibly the one that will change your life forever.

humourPositive thinking

I believe positive talking and thinking is not enough to change your life. Positive
talking is using your conscious mind to try to communicate with your subconscious
mind. The trouble is that, an estimated, 90% of your life is controlled
by your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind has been imprinted
a long time ago with programs of life making it very difficult to imprint new
programs. To imprint a new program, it requires you to be in a relaxed
state of mind. When you are in a relaxed state of mind you are emitting
what is called Alpha Waves and
that is when new imprinting can take place. There is lots of information
on learning and your brain waves and learning have a search around Google.

When you use positive thinking you are usually in a Beta state of mind, which
is the normal waking conscious state. So it is very difficult to reach
your subconscious mind using your conscious mind. However, we know that
when you are sleeping your brainwaves are alternating between Alpha, Delta
and Theta states. So to reach your unconscious mind and imprint new programs
you have to reach one of the unconscious brainwave states.

The easiest one to reach is Alpha waves and it is in this state that you can
change your life.

This powerful exercise requires a few pre-requisites.

What you will need

  • You will need a headset with a microphone attached. You can buy these
    really cheaply from any computer store. I bought mine for £13
    after a donation I was given by a reader of this blog.
  • Download some recording software so you can record your voice. I
    use the the Audacity software
    which lets you alter your recording when you have completed it.
  • I am presuming you have a soundcard with mic in ports
  • Some music that gets you into a relaxed state. Use classical
    music or relaxation music. I use a beautiful piece of music from
    the Estonian composer Arvo Part called "˜Spiegel
    Im Spiegel
  • Write down 10- 30 intentions under 3 "“ 8 main headings. I
    have the headings: Family, Health, Love, Finance, Career, and Personal
    growth and I have 4 intentions in each category.

The intentions

After reading and listening to Marc Allen I
always start each intention with "˜In a healthy and positive way"¦"¦..'. Marc
calls them affirmations but I prefer to use the word intentions. Another
thing is to take your time over your intentions. Think about what you
really want in life as this exercise is very powerful and you have heard the
saying "˜Be careful what you wish for you might just get it'.

Ready to record

Make sure you can find 10 minutes free time when there will be absolutely
no distractions, preferably having no one in the house at all.

Turn on your favourite piece of music and then hit the record key on Audacity. Now
start to read your intentions out loud. Do it in a calm, slow voice. When
you have read out all your intentions stop the recording.
When you are happy with the recording making sure it is clear, loud enough
and easy to understand, duplicate the recording 5 times.

Duplicate your recording using Audacity.

To duplicate the recording it is just like copying and pasting on word. Highlight
the recording or press CTRL+A > go to "˜File' > Click Copy > Now
go to the end of the recording > go to file again and click paste (CTRL+V)
and do this 4 times. > Now click on file and click export as MP3 and save
it to a folder.

You now have your recording but repeated 5 times. This will probably
last from 10-15 minutes. Now you can listen to your recording whenever
you want and have a spare 10 minutes to relax. You can download it to
your iPod or MP3 player and listen to it when you are waiting in queues, or
traffic jams, or whenever you have to wait a long time for something.

Added benefits

If you use this three times per day you have the added benefit of relaxing
three times per day. This, as you know, has massive benefits on your everyday
life. It's like meditating for 15 minutes, three times a day; this
in itself will change your life dramatically.

I recorded my intentions 9 days ago and have been listening to it every day,
3 times a day. I have noticed dramatic changes that I cannot put down
to coincidence. Some of the things are: I have received 2 website commissions,
I have lost another few pounds in weight, my relationships with my children
are better, I am less stressed at work, I am making more money from the blog,
and I have more energy, I am just enjoying life more. I am constantly
amazed at way my life changes for the better and it's definitely down
to personal development.

I was going to wait until the full 21 days was over before I wrote an article
about it. However, I was so excited about the changes in my life that
I wanted to tell you about it sooner.

A challenge for you

All this talk of intentions, the subconscious mind, Alpha waves etc might
sound airy fairy to some of you. I would like to challenge you to try
this for 21 days. The challenge is:

Record your intentions as described above and then listen to your recording
3 times per day, every day for 21 days. You are only taking 30-45 minutes
per day to change your life. I challenge you to do this and tell me there
are no benefits to it.

If you like you can send me an e-mail to let me know you are willing to take
the challenge and I will e-mail you every day to give you that push you need
to carry on with the challenge. I will add your name to a separate post
entitled the "˜The "Change your life" challenge' and
if you send me a link to your blog or website I will post a linkback to it.

There is only 1 rule and that is you take the challenge and check in with
me every day for 21 days, letting me know what you have done that day.


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