When Did You Last Experience The Rain

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We are so busy with our lives these days that we forget to actually live, instead we dance through life without taking a step back to marvel at the dance itself.

A few weeks ago whilst taking a break, I poured myself a coffee and looked out of the kitchen window.  The skies were dark grey, it was pouring with rain, and the kitchen was almost dark, yet I love it.  I love that feeling of being in the house on days like these, and like the shared experience of everyone being miserable at the same time because of the weather.  It gives us a common enemy, something we all talk about:

"Oh what a horrible day eh?"

"Yeah, definitely a day for the house!"


This time though, I wanted to experience the rain.  So I put my coffee down and stepped out into the pouring rain and just experienced the beautiful feeling of rain falling down on me.  In only a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, no socks or shoes I walked on the grass of my back garden and experienced the rain for 5 minutes, it was beautiful, truly beautiful.

After drying myself off and finishing my coffee I felt exhilarated.

It's great connecting with nature and just wondered how many of us really stop to experience life.

Here's a great video I found which kind of captured the feeling I had:


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