7 Ways to Attract Positive Energy

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How much negative or positive energy we attract is something that is completely in the hands of every individual. While this is an extremely empowering bit of knowledge, it is also a tremendous responsibility that requires us to be careful about all our thoughts, actions and words. The following seven methods will help you lead a life that attracts more positive energy which in turn will lead to  more good things happening in your life.

1. Clean and Organize Everything

Everything from you car to your bedroom has an impact on how you feel through-out the day. When everything is in a state of disarray it impacts the flow of our day in a negative way, whether it just visually bothers us or we have to literally spend energy searching fro something in our messy. Treat your space as if it is sacred to show that you value and appreciate having it, because chances are that many people in the world would love to  live in the luxury that you do. By introducing order and a good flow into places you spend time, it will give you a safe place for wonderful things to enter into your life.

2. See the Positive Energy that is Already Present

A common mistake is to overlook all of the wonderful things that are already present in life. Always look for the good in every situation, so that you can come into the experience with an open mind ready to receive the wondrous grace that is in every moment.

3.  Visualize a Life of Contentment and Peace

Spend the time to visualize a life where you are satisfied and happy. Only when we open up ourselves to the potential for good and positive things will they begin to come our way.

4. Do NOT Worry about the Future

Part of breaking away from negative energy is learning to stop assuming the worst will happen. Learn to anticipate positive things coming your way rather than constantly worrying about imaginary scenarios. Focus your attention on all the great things that are coming your way.

5. Love Yourself- Mistakes and All

Many people hold resentment towards themselves for making mistakes in the past. No one can take the clock back to undo mistakes. Just know that every bad experience is a chance to learn, and the only place you can work on improving things is in the present.

6. Follow the Three Folds Law

The three fold law states that everything you put out in the world will come back to you three-folds. Know deep within that all of the positive energy you put out into the world will eventually come back to you. Whenever making a decision, assess what the consequences in the future may be.

7. Do NOT Speak Negatively

Words are powerful tools that can take life in many different directions. Everything you say can have huge consequences. Learn to think more before you speak. When you are thinking about what you are saying determine whether it is negative or positive. If it is the latter avoid keep your lips sealed and dismiss the thought as something to negative to welcome in your life.

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