What Makes a Good Positive Affirmation

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No Black and White Answer 

I hate to tell you, but there is no real answer to the question, "What makes for a good positive affirmation?", because what is a life changing positive affirmation for one person may do absolutely nothing for the next person.  Finding a "good" positive affirmation can be a bit tricky, and I put "good" in quotations marks just due to the fact different affirmations work for some people while others don't.

Don't give up hope yet on finding the perfect positive affirmation for you just yet!  Just because there is no set black and white answer to this question, doesn't mean there aren't certain things you can do to find a good positive affirmation for you.  I think it is actually a good thing that there is no answer to what makes a good positive affirmation, because that means there is no right and wrong answer. When you find the affirmation that speaks to you, you've found a good positive affirmation.

Where Should You Begin 

Affirmations seem like they are so simple by definition, because we just have to pick a positive statement to help reinforce our goals during this human experience. For lots of us finding a statement that speaks to our inner essence isn't that easy, so here are some tips on finding a good positive affirmation for you.

Do Your Research 

Spend time researching positive affirmations online and offline. Read uplifting books, websites and blogs to try to find a message that speaks to you. Visit the self-help section at libraries and/or bookstores to sort through books searching for a positive statement. Also, listen closely to the people around you, because you just never know when someone will say something that speaks to you. Don't be afraid to take your time on this step, because sometimes it takes a while to find the affirmation that was meant to change your life.

Let Go of Cynicism 

If you don't believe a positive affirmation is going to work, chances are that it isn't. Our tendency to cling onto negativity is not a strength, because ultimately it just holds you back. If you believe no matter how insightful, clever or moving a statement is that it can do nothing for your evolution as a human being, you are going to have a hard time ever finding a positive affirmations.

Search Through What you Already Know You Like 

There are all sorts of positive affirmations from song quotes to poetry, humorous to dark, spiritual to cynical, so find something that works for your style of living. If you know you particular like poetry, speeches, scripture, movies or anything like that- try to search these resources for an affirmation. Also, if you know you like a certain genre of insight do not be afraid to look into finding an affirmation that matches your personal taste whether that taste involves dark comedy or metaphorical poetry.

Have more Than One Affirmation 

Who says you can only have one affirmation? Or that you even have to keep the same affirmation? If you notice an affirmation you just chose stops inspiring you then try to find another. It can be useful also to have numerous affirmations on hand, so that you can cycle through different ones as time goes  by.


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