What is my purpose in life? "“ The biggest question of all!

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What is your purpose in life?

Many people meander through life never really thinking about what they are doing
here, where they want to go and what rules to live their lives by.   It's
extremely easy to get caught up in pursuit of money and lose sight of our purpose
in life.   We forget about our purpose of living because we are too busy
just existing.

purpose_in_lifeWhat if somebody told you that there was a purpose to your life and that the
only reason you haven't found it is because you haven't asked the
question: "˜What is my purpose in life?'

Think about that for a moment and ask yourself the question.

Hopefully asking the question led to other questions or led you to formulate
the beginnings of an answer.   Keep thinking about the question and you
will come up with more questions and more parts of the answer.

Part of our purpose in life is to find the answer to this question.   It
can take a lifetime or it can be found in an instant; a sudden insight.

The roads we travel  

Our purpose in life can also change, depending where we are on our spiritual
journey, not to be mistaken with our religious journey.   Our journey through
life produces many different awakenings which lead us onto another road of
our spiritual journey.   Some people are stuck on the same road for a lot
of their lives and never really take another road.   All roads lead to
death, the ultimate awakening; however, depending on the roads we take they
can be lined with beauty, power and love or lined with destruction and hate.   These
roads are taken by making choices in life and these choices are made by asking
questions in our life.   If we don't ask the questions we will carry
on the same road until we ask another question.

As your are reading this just now I am guessing you are asking questions of
yourself and that is a great thing.   You are at least looking for answers.   It
took me years to figure out the beginnings of an answer to some of the questions
I asked.   I travelled down a lot of roads and I for the last 7 or 8 years
I am travelling on the road lined with beauty, power and love.

If you stop asking questions, about anything in life; whether
it is how can I make my blog better? To what is my purpose in life? You will
not get any answers and you will never change your purpose.   If you keep
asking questions you will always get the answers and it's your choice whether
to listen or not.

What is your purpose in life?



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