Upgrade Reality New Book from Dirk de Bruin

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My good friend and fellow blogger has just released his new book Upgrade Reality.   Dirk, known to the world as 'Diggy' is 25 years old and is a fast rising star in the blogging and personal development world.

The book itself is for anyone who is looking to craft a successful lifestyle for themselves and shows you ways to get more confident, have a vision, start your own business, how you can become emotionally healthy and so much more.

What I was so surprised about is the book was written by a young guy.   You would think that it has been written by someone much older and with a lot more experience.

Upgrade Reality is a book to dip into time and time again and to keep on your desktop for reference for your personal development needs.

the design of the book itself is fantastic, so much so that I asked Dirk to reveal the designer for the book and have actually gone to the designer myself to start designing my own guides and books.

The only downside that I could find with the book is that he has tried to pack so much into the ebook itself that it's chapters are short.   However this doesn't detract from the information in the book as he doesn't give any fluff, it's short, to the point and will get you thinking a lot about your life and how you can change it for the better.

What you will get from the book

Get Happy "“ Sometimes it can be difficult to be happy and that makes life unpleasant and miserable. You will learn the simple secrets, tips and mindsets to being happy. When you are happy, not only is your own life more enjoyable, but the lives of all those around you are made better too.

Get Rich "“ You will learn practical and smart ways to handle your savings and you will learn some mindsets that will allow you to build our own empire. You will likely not get rich overnight and you will get no guarantees, but you do get very useful and practical advice to help get to where you want to be financially.

Get Healthy "“ How you eat and how you exercise have a tremendous influence on your health and well-being. You will learn how you can easily eat healthy and exercise right so you have much more energy, get sick less often and enjoy life more. If you are overweight or even obese, a proper diet and regular exercise will get you back in shape.

Get Confident "“ You learn how to build serious confidence and healthy self-esteem with anything that you do. This will help you to enjoy life more, not be afraid to believe in your own ideas and decisions and to do what you have been scared of doing all along. Confidence is a very important part in making friends, doing business and having healthy relationships.

Buy The book Upgrade Reality here, I don't think you will be dissappointed

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