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I have been working extremely hard over the last few months putting a few things together to enhance this blog and to enhance my reputation as a personal development blogger and speaker.

Current projects

Alter Your Jacket

Alter Your Jacket which will be opening it's doors on the 28th May (soft launch date).   This is going to be my flagship product for the next year and I am nearing the completion of it just now.   This has possibly been the hardest project I have ever undertaken and the emotions of just creating a project is overwhelming.

It's a video product consisting of 8 videos between 20 – 40 minutes long with pdf transcripts and mp3 downloads and it's about changing your life and giving you the tools and showing you new concepts to be able to do this.   It looks at overcoming fear, the belief formula, 5 rituals you need to create for successful living, finding your lifes' purpose, Kairu/Kensho mind and so much more.

There will be free training to start the product launch off on the 28th May which consists of 4 videos spaced out over 12 days.  I have listened to the readers of CYT and decided to launch it this way:

Day 1 – Video 1

Day 2 – Transcript of video (ebook)

Day 3 – MP3 of video

Day 4 – Video 2

Day 5 – Transcript of video (ebook)

Day 6 – MP3 of video

Day 7 – Video 3

Day 8 – Transcript of video (ebook)

Day 9 – MP3 of video

Day 10 – Video 4

Day 11 – Transcript of video (ebook)

Day 12 – MP3 of video

Day 13 – Bonus

Day 14 – Bonus

DAY 15 – Launch of:  Alter Your Jacket – Crashing Through the 7 Barriers to Changing Your Life (soft subtitle)

The program will also consist of entry to a community of readers who have bought the program and want to interact with each other and discuss what they have learned from the program.   It's also a place where I will be offering more videos for the members.   It's only for readers who have bought the program so you will be joining a group of like minded readers who are looking to develop themselves.

I have gone from extreme self doubt to self confidence in a roller coaster type of way with this program and I didn't realise how much work would be involved in getting a program like this together.   It takes about 2 days just to shoot a 30 minute video with the writing of it, the shooting, the editing, the converting, the hosting it's all just crazy stuff.   However, I believe in it and hope it will offer a lot of value to everyone who buys it.

I am pricing it at $97 and will be hosting it on Clickbank

I will be starting the search for partners to help me promote this and hopefully by partnering up together we can make some money together as well as give buyers a life changing product.   If you are interested in partnering up please email me using the contact form and I will send details as soon as possible.

CYT Community

I started another project a few weeks ago trying to get the readers of CYT together in some way.   I have tried a forum in the past and whilst working on it I was besieged by spammers which have actually hurt my rankings and PR in Google and I hadn't even launched it.   I worked hard on the forum getting it ready to be opened but the spammers won and it was never opened.

Now I believe I have come up with a good plan whereby I will host the community at another site at and it's a social community site rather than a forum and I believe is much better than a forum.

the site will be free to join for 7 days and there will be a charge of $1.99 per month after that which will help toward cost and time of running the community.

This community is like a social gathering spot and will be a place to get to know everyone a lot better than you can in a forum by sharing photos, videos, links, stories and still be able to discuss, in a forum sort of way, personal development issues.

You can check it out here

CYT Community

What's happening with the blog?

The blog is still my main priority and I am still striving to write the best articles possible to help us change our lives together, so there will be no change there.   There is a great line up of guest authors on Tuesdays for the next few months so please check out the blog every Tuesday for a new guest author.   I think you'll agree that the guest authors over the last few months have been fantastic.

Here's to you and your success

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