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Become Part of a Group of Like Minded, Intelligent,People Who Are

Developing Their Mind & Helping Each Other to Succeed in Life

The Change Your Thoughts Community is a place to join others, like you, who want to succeed in life and get the most out of their personal development and help each other along the way.

What will you get from the CYT Community?

  • A place to speak with like minded, intelligent people, to develop your mind
  • A place to share information, photos, videos, stories, links and much more and get to know other members much better than an ordinary forum could allow.
  • Free training on how to make your time in the community a better experience with videos and discussions
  • Knowing that you will be heard as this will only be a small community of people
  • Free trial for 7 days to evaluate the community, if it's not for you there's no need to stay. After that it is only $1.99 per month and you can cancel your membership any time.
  • A place to help other people and share and develop the skills you have
  • Know that you are part of something from the very start, there will not be thousands of people joining here as I am not inviting thousands of people, it's only readers of Change Your Thoughts
  • I will be in the community every day


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