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Leo Babauta has brought out another little gem of a book called Un-Procrastination.  As the name suggest it's all about overcoming procrastination.

I would like to do more product reviews which I think will benefit you.  Some of the reviews will have affiliate links and some wont, but all of them will be products that I think will benefit you a lot.

Back to Leo's Book Un-Procrastination.  I read it last night, and At 65 pages the guide packs in a lot.  Here is the table of contents:

The Table of Contents

There are 18 brief chapters:

  1. My Procrastination Story
  2. Why Procrastination Hurts Us
  3. When Procrastination is Good
  4. Why We Procrastinate
  5. A Simple Method
  6. Fine-tune Your Motivation
  7. Choosing Important Tasks
  8. Find Your Best Time
  9. Create a Distraction-free Workspace
  10. Single-tasking
  11. The Art of the Small
  12. Fear & Procrastination
  13. Reduce Friction to Get to Done
  14. Kill Choice
  15. More Procrastination Remedies
  16. Engineer Habit Change
  17. Procrastination Questions, Answered

I do a hell of a lot of online work and can sometimes find little, unimportant jobs that are not really on my list of priorities, which keep me form working on what's important.  Reading the book last night, gave me an insight as to why I do this.  It was one  of those moments when you just say 'Oh! That's the reason', it has already helped me to move forward on the work I am doing just now for my next project.

Leo's book is only $11.95 so is well worth the price tag, I am not getting an affiliate commission if you buy it, I just think it's an issue a lot of us struggle with and Leo brought out a great little book to help you with it.

Click on Un-Proacrastination by Leo Babauta to buy this ebook.

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