7 Rocks That Are Holding You Back in Life

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As a life coach I speak to a lot of clients who have obstacles, which they perceive as holding them back, to getting to where they want to go in life.   These obstacles prevent the change that clients want to see.    Sometimes these obstacles seem like massive rocks that just cannot be moved, no matter how hard they try.

As a coach it is my job to help the client leap over, walk around or smash these massive rocks and help them move on with life and really get the life they want.

See if you recognise any of these rocks in your life:

Rock No. 1 – I Don't know where I am going in life!

A lot of us don't have a clear vision of what we want in life.   As soon as we have a vision to move toward, the quicker we can reach it.   There are so many people in jobs they hate, but ask most people what they want to do instead, and they don't have an answer for you.

Create a vision of what you want to do in life and then take 1 action every day to get you there.

Rock No. 2 – I Just don't have the time!

Nobody in this world can manage time, but we can manage oursleves, and the way we spend out time, much better.   We all need time to develop ourselves, but we tend to give up our time for other people: family, friends, and charity work.   What you have to realise is that you need time for yourself, absolutely need it.   Saying no to others can be tough, but ultimately it will empower you.   when you learn to say no, a strange thing begins to happen – other people will follow you on your journey and get you there a lot quicker.

Rock No. 3 – I Have no money to do what I want to do!

Most readers have been at this stage at some point in their lives, and it's not an easy thing to overcome.   However, it's also not an excuse to hold you back in life.   My mum always used to say that we always manage to live on whatever we earn, no matter if it's £1000 per month or £10,000 per month – meaning there are always savings to be made on the things we have in life – can you get rid of cable? can you get rid of your car? can you make extra cash somewhere? can you sell your knowledge?

Rock No. 4 – I am too old!

You know what I am going to say about this one 🙂 My good friend and very wise man Chris Foster started blogging at the age of 77 and is still going strong and loving every minute of it.   He's written his first ebook at the age of 78.   Chris and his wife don't see age, they see the love they have for life, and the thirst they still have for knowledge.

Rock No. 5 – I have others to look after!

This is something I come across a lot in coaching.   What is the first thing you are told when you are flying abroad (apart from "inflate the jacket and blow on this whistle, because everyone will hear you in the middle of the oceon"), you are told in the event of an emergency, your oxygen masks will drop.   You should put the oxygen mask on yourself first before putting one on your child.

You cannot help anybody else in life, unless you help yourself first.   The happier you are, the happier your family and friends are.

Rock No. 6 – I am a too plugged into the material world!

We want a simple life, but we cannot give up the two cars, or always the latest gadget, have to go on two holidays every year, need a night out every weekend to socialise.

To achieve balance in your life, it's important to balance all areas of your life.   If the material world has got you in her grips, your whole life can become unbalanced.   Look at your ultimate outcome in life and then look at some things you may have to sacrifice in order to achieve your outcome.

Rock No. 7 – The vampires are out to get me!

You know the type – You have a great idea and eagerly share it with someone you trust.   They then shatter your idea into a million pieces by giving you all the reasons it won't work, and constantly rain on your parade.   A lot of the time they are doing it to help you, but sometimes they are unconsciously frightened of change:

Wyatt Woodsmall states; "Others don't like it when you change becasue the ways they use to manipulate you stop working"

When you come across people like this, it may be time to drop them or stop associating with them as much.   If you have a dream only share it with others you know will support you.

What are your thoughts?

Do you recognise any of these rocks? Are there any other rocks that seem to be insurmoutable to you? How have you overcome them? It would be great to hear your thoughts on this.

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