Two Powerful Moves

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As a Fitness Professional, I appreciate which exercise movements are the most powerful for strengthening your muscles and creating a beautiful and healthy silhouette.   A silhouette that you feel delighted and comfortable with.   One that promotes a sense of well being in your everyday life.

My fitness philosophy has always been and always will be, that you should enjoy the physical activity you choose to do.   Never following the latest trend.   It should compliment who you are.   Express who you are.

Your ideal physical activity should blend effortlessly into your life and feel as though you are a child on the playground.   Enthusiastic. Passionate. It should never add stress to your already demanding days.

exerciseI am overjoyed by the transformative powers of compound movements.   If you love to perform resistance exercises, these are the ones to fall in love with.

They craft an exquisite silhouette.   And they fit seamlessly into your routine.   Anywhere you may be.   Anytime you feel like exercising.     While you are at home, during a break at work, outside at the park or beach or when you're   on vacation.   Compound movements can be comfortably modified for every fitness level.   No one is excluded.

A compound movement is an exercise that engages two or more different joints.   They fully stimulate entire muscle groups and indeed, multiple muscles.   Your muscles are working harder, thus helping you to shed more excess stored fuel.   They are wonderfully efficient.   These movements also help to improve your coordination and balance.   So important in preventing injuries and helping you to enjoy a well rounded life. Your heart rate is kept up, which improves your cardiovascular health.

Each exercise should be performed with perfect form.   Exercise slowly and with great intention.   When a movement doesn't feel comfortable, you should immediately stop.   Never force exercise.   This is a sure way to injure yourself.   Exercise should never be painful.

It is necessary to perform a full body warm up before exercising.   This will increase the blood flow to your heart and to your muscles.   Your muscles will be warmed up, allowing you improved muscle function and you will be less prone to injury.

And it is just as necessary to perform a full body stretch after you exercise.   Regular stretching helps to elongate your muscles and helps them to maintain a wide range of motion.   Affording you ease in your everyday activities.

Two powerful moves that radically transform your whole body "¦

Squat to a biceps curl to an overhead press

Push-up to a back row

Combine each movement for a complete whole body work-out.   Use weights that gently challenge your muscles and allow you to perform each move with perfect form.

Perform as many repetitions as you can, while maintaining perfect form.   And perform two to three sets.   Always go at your own pace and gradually increase intensity.   Your body always knows best and it's main purpose is to keep you healthy and alive.

I love to work in my cardio between exercises.   I do this by   performing sprints on the treadmill.   I walk at a fast pace for three   minutes, pumping my arms, then a very fast sprint   for one minute and one minute at a very slow walk.   I perform this for three to six minutes, depending on my physical abilities for that day.   And I usually perform three to four sets.   You could also jump rope or ride a stationary bike.   This can also be performed outside.

Remember, it's not about the length of time you exercise.   It's about choosing the correct exercises.   Exercises that excite and motivate.   This is how you get to fitness and live there joyously!

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