Top 20 Most Shared Facebook Posts of 2014

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Facebook has been huge for me this year ever since I really started focusing on it in December 2013. The hard work has finally paid off with over 630,000 likes to the page, up from 35,000 likes this time last year.

Change Your Thoughts Today Facebook Page


It has been so good that I have been asked to do consultation work on business Facebook pages and also been asked to speak at a major seminar in San Diego next year. I have turned down all offers of consultation work, but accepted the speaking gigs, I am just too busy with my personal development products, however I did release a brand new course called Your FB Challenge last month and it has already had some amazing results for the students of the course so far.

You can check out Your FB Challenge here


Okay, onto the top 20 Facebook Posts of 2014.  Some of these posts have been shared from other pages but they will be marked appropriately.  Also the posts are ranked by number of shares each of them have had.

As well as making up the images and quotes myself I have shared a lot of great posts from some great pages but a few in particular  deserve my special thanks:

Lessons Learned in Life


Happiness in Your Life

Top 20 Facebook Posts of 2014


Number 20

Shares: 103,131

Number 19

Shares to date: 103,435

Number 18

Shares to date: 112,311

Number 17

Shares to date: 118,437

Number 16

Shares to date: 125,022

Number 15

Shares to date: 125,392

Number 14

Shares to date: 135,497

Number 13

Shares to date: 145,119

Number 12

Shares to date: 150,681

Number 11

Shares to date: 154,785

Number 10

Shares to date: 167,088

Number 9

Shares to date: 221,911

Number 8

Shares to date: 284,587

Number 7

Shares to date: 354,228

Number 6

Shares to date: 383,121

Number 5

Shares to date: 402,943

Number 4

Shares to date: 411,616

Number 3

Shares to date: 483,809

Number 2

Shares to date: 857,034

Number 1

Shares to dates: 1,459,165

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