This weeks star post 5th March 2007

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star post of the week a better you blogHaving trawled the internet for interesting articles on personal development
I have found another blog that I think is really good. It is "˜A
better you blog'.

I discovered I have posted to a lot of the same carnivals as Patricia
at "˜A better you blog?'
, which is probably understandable
as we are both in the personal development field, nonetheless it was a bit
strange when I carried out a search and found we were both on the same carnivals.

The post I have picked this week is "˜5
Steps to overcome your fear of failure'
which I thought hit
the mark on several points. Patricia, suggets 5 steps for overcoming

  • Identify it
  • Evaluate it
  • Re-Interpret it
  • Disable it
  • Use it

I thought this post offered very practical advice for overcoming fears and
would help a lot of readers. I hope you enjoy it.

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