This weeks star post 18th December 2006

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picture of hollywood walk of fame star with joi sigers name in itThis
weeks star post comes from Joi Sigers over at Self
Help Daily
. Joi is a fun loving religious person who states
that she has five cats; Prissy, Bo, Adam, Alexa, and Sven, loves reading Dean
Koontz. She is a self confessed dreamologist. Her site is interesting and a
bit off the wall as it has a bit of everything in it, but it is interesting

The blog itself is a simple 2 column design and was started in December 2005
and is part of a blogging network from .

This weeks star post is entitled '3
things we can learn from a movie'
it's a straight talking post about
the comparisons of life to what we see in the movies. the quote that
grabbed me was:

'They just stand there with their back to the future, facing the past
– when it should be the complete other way around.'

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