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Think like Isaac Newton: 8 Ways to Become an Accurate Thinker

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What do you find difficult to think accurately on?

How accurate is your thought towards your goal?

Do you want to take your thinking faculty to the next level?

portrait of mid adult teacher looking at cameraScientists are said to be the accurate thinkers of all time because they work with fact. There is a scientific method of carrying out experiments which prove their belief.

As a science student in school, I decide to apply the scientific method of getting fact into my way of setting goals and it works like magic. In fact, it helps me to achieve my goals with ease. It's this method I want to share with you today.

We are in the information age and because of this we are bombarded with loads of information on a daily basis. Due to the noises here and there, we find it difficult sometimes to think accurately on a goal we want to achieve.

I'm not saying meditation alone won't quiet your mind and give you focus, but it will do you more good if you guide yourself with this approach I want to share with you here. It will also help you gain deep insight into your goal and cut off any form of distraction on your way to success.

Sir Isaac Newton himself said he was able to discover law of gravity by continuous thinking about the Apple that fell down in front of him. Of course as a scientist, he followed the scientific method below to prove his belief.

Scientific method of carrying out an experiment

  1. Title
  2. Purpose
  3. Apparatus
  4. Record data
  5. Error analysis
  6. Apply formula
  7. Graphic representation
  8. Conclusion

This scientific method is very powerful in such a way that if it is properly applied, it helps to track every little detail about a goal. It also helps to make a goal look as if it had already been achieved. And again, this method eliminates any form of assumption and provides accuracy.

I observe that if I set a goal and I was able to think straight on how to achieve it, I will definitely  go and get it done in a short period of time before I know it. On the other hand, it's very hard to achieve a thing you can't even think accurately on.

But if you follow the method I want to show you here, to set a goal and achieve it will become easier.

Method of making thought accurate

1. Title – What you want to achieve? Begin by giving your goal a title. The essence of naming a thing is for easy recognition. When you give your goal a name, it will serve as a guide and helps you stay on point.

2. Purpose  – Why do you want to achieve your goal? Know that, if the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable. In other for you not to abuse your goal, write out the purpose why you want to achieve it.

3. Apparatus – What are the tools you will need to work with? Note all of the instruments that will help you to achieve your goal and make sure you get them. A single material you fail to get might prevent you from achieving the result you want.

4. Record data – Has anyone achieved your goal before? How did they go about it? Try to go through recorded data and find out how they were able to get the result. Then map out how you'll achieve yours, too.

5. Error analysis – What are the precautions? If you carefully analyze errors, you will find out about some actions that are meant to be avoided. And in case they show up you will quickly look for an escape route.

6. Graphic representation – Can you sketch out your goal? If you represent your goal in a visible form, it will manifest quicker. The truth is, if you can hold the image of what you want in your mind, then you can hold it in your hand.

7. Apply formula – Can you come up with an ultimate formula that will help you achieve your goal with ease? What is your winning strategy or your selling point? Remember that winners don't do different things, they only do things in a different way.

8. Conclusion – What do you think will be your possible outcome? It's always a good idea to begin with the end in mind. Know that sometimes you'll succeed while sometimes you'll fail, but there is always a lesson to learn. It's those lessons that made you who you are today.

Sterling W. Sill said, "In baseball we keep an accurate record of the hits, runs, and errors of each individual player. Life is also a great game, and in life the statistics are much more important than they are in a ball game. One of our human weaknesses in life is that when we are losing the game, we don't always like to keep track of the score. Certainly we are not very enthusiastic about putting the errors down on the paper, and most people don't even know what their individual batting average is. This makes our success much more difficult both to figure out and to attain"¦ we cannot separate our success from statistics. If each day we could see what God wrote in his book about our work for that day, it would certainly motivate us to make better scores."

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