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How to Begin Dramatic Change the Right Way

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The world changes around us everyday. We experience change as an outsider all the time. Yet, when we want to create a sustainable change in our own lives we often struggle.

Why is change so hard for me? It's a question that we ask ourselves when we can't seem to change to be the type of person that we truly want to be. To change, we must decide to change. We must choose to change. It's said different ways from different writers and bloggers, but I'd like to elaborate on the type of choice necessary to instill a change deep within who you are. To change your very being and naturally live life in a way that supports the change every day, whatever the change may be.

Dont Change a Thing Change Everything Advice SayingMore Than a Thought

Choosing to change has to be more than a thought. It has to be more than a mental choice to change. You have to live the choice.

One tip that accompanies choosing to change is to tell everyone you can about your change. I argue that you shouldn't have to tell anyone. The type of choice necessary for deep, true change means you'll be living that choice every second of every day. It sounds dramatic, but that's what we want. We want a dramatic change.

In reality, I'd shoot for more of a 90/10 split. Live the choice 90% of the time, and relaxing your discipline 10% of the time to provide a change of pace and keep things interesting.

Your choice to change should be evident in your daily life. When I wanted to improve my posture, I took the back off of my work chair. Did it work? You bet. Did people look at me funny or ask me what I was doing? They sure did, and I explained my reasons for doing so.

If being different and encountering resistance or inquiries worries you, then you lack confidence. That's okay. I had extremely low confidence in myself and my choices at one point in my life. My confidence dramatically increased when I started practicing my power to change.

I chose to get in better shape and eat better, and I lost 70 pounds. It was a very empowering experience.

I admit it is circular logic. Confidence comes from choosing to change, and choosing to change takes confidence. Once you wiggle your way into that circular logic you'll realize your true power and begin rapid growth.

Important Realization

You aren't special. You are capable of what any other person on the planet is capable. If one tactic doesn't work for you, that's okay. It doesn't mean nothing will work for you. Keep experimenting and trying different strategies until you find what works. You will get there if you keep trying.

Think of it like this. Every day you take a step in the right direction, you are one step closer to the destination. It is a simple, unavoidable fact.

Start to think of how to do things instead of why you can't do them. Change your thought patterns attached to new experiences and change the way you react to them. Instead of adding another item to the list of the impossible, start adding items to a list of the will do's or have done's.

The following mantra finally kicked me out of inaction straight to inaction:

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten."

Empty your bucket of know how, and fill it with a new way to live.

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