The Spells We Are Under And How To Break Them

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We are all dreaming whilst believing we are awake.   We have been brought up to live with a collected set of beliefs that we have all subscribed to from a young age.   The sad thing is that we subscribe to these beliefs when our minds do not have the capacity to question them.

We are living each day trying to please someone or trying to impress someone with our knowledge, our looks, our intellect, our wittiness, our charm.   We are all wearing 5 or 6 social masks every single day of our lives, depending on who are with.


Your social mask is not the same when you are speaking to your work colleagues than it is when you are speaking with your loved ones or when you are speaking with a close friend.   We have been brought up learning what masks to wear and in what situations.

The only reason we are wearing these social masks is to be accepted in a society that doesn't like masks.   So what can we do to break free from a reality that has been built for us, but not built by us?

Make a choice!

There comes a time, or several times, in your life when you have to make a choice between living in a reality that has been created by others or creating your own reality.

Right this very second our reality has been formed by the beliefs that have been passed down by others, mainly our parents, teachers, siblings and peers.   Right now you can decide that you no longer want to live the reality created for you and it's time to create your own reality.

but how on earth do you create your own reality?

Wake up!

The very first thing to do to change your reality is wake up to the fact that the world in which you live is made up of belief systems.   Someone believed that it was possible to fly and went on to master flight, someone believed that it was possible to illuminate the world with light and went on to master the light bulb, someone believed that we could be connected with computers and went on to create the internet, someone believed that we no longer needed horse and cart for transport and invented cars.

It's time for that someone to be you, it's time for you break the spell of someone's beliefs and start making your own spells.   You live in a reality created by others – have the courage, the belief, the mental strength, and the power to change your own reality.

Don't join someone else's revolution, start your own revolution and become the leader and not the follower.




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