The Space Between Something and Nothing

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As I write this post I am sitting in the beautiful country of Turkey in a small place called Orhaniye.   My family and I renting a villa there for the summer holidays.   I can hear the sound of crickets, birds and bees and am looking at the green, tree covered mountains.   I can also hear the sound of praying ring out throughout the countryside as Turkey is predominantly Muslim, it's all extremely relaxing.

the_space_between_something_and_nothingThis would not have happened if I had not made the move to go and actually find this place Sakin Vadi and start the process of speaking to the owners of the villas and finding out more information about it.   We were close to getting a package holiday and then I spotted Sakin Vadi.   There was a few days where I let the thoughts of booking the holiday ruminate in my head and then I took action and started the process of finding out more which led me to eventually book it.

The space between letting it ruminate and booking the holiday is 'The space between nothing and something'.   before I left for Turkey I made a presentation to describe this a little better and I would like to share this presentation with you here.

So please enjoy this video and as always let me know what you think.


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