The Simple Way To Start Meditation

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Have you ever thought of taking up meditation? Perhaps you've been interested but never given it a try. If that's the case, then here's your chance…

With the right technique, meditation is both fun and easy to learn. In this post I'll introduce you to one of my favorite meditation techniques. Why start with meditation?

Ultimately, meditation is a spiritual practice. For example, in Buddhism they speak of enlightenment as the highest attainment. Anyway, in this post we're not concerned with spirituality but rather with improving your quality of life.

meditationTo most people, meditation is a tool that brings balance and inner peace into their lives. Moreover, meditation is often used to soothe and dissolve stress, which it does very effectively. Others use it to increase focus for effective learning. As you can see, it's possible to apply meditation in a number of ways.

Meditation is most relaxing. When the mind is calm and the thinking slows down, it feels almost like being in paradise. It's a very pleasant mental state.

Guided Meditation

I wholeheartedly recommend guided meditation, which is sometimes called voice guided meditation. As the name suggests, the meditator follows voice instructions.

There are many benefits to this meditation technique:

It's really easy to learn

Free downloads available online

No need for a meditation teacher

You can practice virtually anywhere

What makes guided meditation so easy to learn?

Guided meditation is as easy to learn as it's effective. All you have to do is sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Put on your headphones, select play and close your eyes.

Let the soothing music relax your body and mind. Then, follow the voice instructions "“ that's it.

Head over to Google and search for "free guided meditations." Download the files to any portable mp3 player and there you are.

Guided meditations are usually between 5-20 minutes long. Some meditations
feature nature sounds while others have inspiring music. Experiment to see
what works best for you.

Always sit or lie down in a comfortable position. In the very beginning, it's helpful to meditate in a quiet room.

With some experience it's possible to practice while commuting to work and
in nature. You can also do a session just before going to bed at night.
Finding the time to mediate shouldn't be an issue even for the busiest people.

One of the beauties of guided meditation, is that you don't need a meditation teacher. All you have to do is to relax and follow the straightforward voice instructions.

Meditation Tips

Here are some suggestions that will help you get the most out of your meditation practice:

– It's easier to concentrate when the body is at ease, so always meditate in a comfortable position. It doesn't matter whether you're sitting or lying down, however it's easier to relax while lying down. Use pillows and blankets to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

– Avoid distractions at all costs. Shut the door to your room, switch off the sound on your cellphone and close your eyes.

– Don't try too hard. Just relax and follow the voice instructions. Let go
of everything round your and become one with the meditation.

– If you have the time, you can repeat the session which will take you deeper and make you feel even more relaxed.

– Meditate before going to sleep at night and wake up feeling refreshed.

– You can create an inspiring atmosphere by lighting candles and incense. That can be most supportive.

– It's both fun and motivating to meditate with friends. Why not start an informal meditation group?

– Meditate as often as you like. The more you practice, the more you benefit.

Good luck with your meditation practice!

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