The Real Truth: What To Expect on Your Spiritual Journey

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If you're reading these words, there's a very good chance you're on some type of spiritual journey, be it physical or metaphorical, in which you hope to grow and evolve along the way. With our modern climate, where environmental, terror and technological fears are infringing ever closer into our own lives, many of us find solace and strength in our own personal, heart-led pilgrimages.

We tend to skip off, heading in a more positive direction, hoping to encounter magical synchronicities, mystical characters and supportive angels to accompany our fair-weathered journey.   Oftentimes we do, thanks to arming ourselves with passionate affirmations, lofty dreams and pasting positive thoughts over the recycled negative ones.

But as we jolly along something starts to happen.   The terrain becomes scattered with boulders and rocks which we find challenging

to surmount.   The shoes that were once so comfortable now rub and bubble our feet with tender blisters.   Potholes trip and twist our ankles.   Some of us, understandably, think this rough road indicates a wrong turn.   It doesn't.   This is a classic hallmark of our expansion.   Although hard going, its a very good sign.

The further we travel into our spiritual journey the more likely we are to meet these obstructions to our growth.   These obstacle represent the confines of old, self-sabotaging patterns and habits.   Your heart may gently insist that its time to quit drinking alcohol, to adopt more healthful eating habits or to heal an addictive relationship with something or someone.

Perhaps its a disruptive character trait we possess which must be healed before we can venture further; an unpredictable temper, gnawing anxiety or our inability to forgive.

As transformational teacher Dr. Barbara De Angelis said at Orlando 's 'I Can Do It' conference last month, the more light we let into our lives, the more we see and bump up uncomfortably against the stuff that is not serving us.   This issue may have been there our entire life, but because we're becoming more enlightened, we're able to see its destructive capabilities for perhaps the first time.   This is why its a very good sign; its evidence of how far we've come.   You're beginning to really see You.   And that takes guts.

Beware because other people in your life may deem it unnecessary for you to release these old patterns or habits from your life.   Perhaps this is because they don't have as much light to see things the way you do or are threatened as they witness you shining ever brighter.   Don't let their opinions override the whispered callings of your heart, which as you travel on, become more and more audible.

Facing these boulders to our happiness and spiritual development might not be pleasant, but know that they are necessary.   Hold tight to your chest the knowledge that nothing worth having is easily achieved.     Look at mythological movies and books for inspiration.   Was Frodo Baggins' journey in 'The Lord of the Rings' easy?   Was Harry Potter's?   Now ask yourself this; were they worthwhile?   What would the consequence have been if they hadn't gone on these journeys?

A life banging around in the darkness is not an option for most of us.

You too have untapped reservoirs of strength and courage to carry you along your spiritual journey.   Don't give up.   Expect challenging times ahead but know that your commitment to yourself is so admirable that, yes, sources of help from unimaginable places will surely come to your aid in the most inspired ways.   One day you'll glance back from where you came from and marvel at how much richer your character is for the journey.

Not only do you need to keep going along in your spiritual journey for your own evolvement, but for our world too.   Perhaps there's never been a time in human history when your light has been more necessary.

It takes a brave spirit to shine bright.   But I think we both know you're one such soul.

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