10 Easy Ways to Tell if You Are a Light Worker

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Do you feel the need to reach out to people all the time to take away their pain? Maybe you are hoping to change the world and spread peace, love and light. Are you always wanting to touch people to share your light and love energy with them? Do you feel others sadness, hurt, anger or any other of their emotions and want to heal them? It could very well be that you are just over sensitive or you're a light worker.

You had no idea there actually was a name for you, did you? There is and you are gifted. Beautifully gifted and the world needs more people like you. So me say you are born a light worker, others say you may have experienced an awakening that expanded your spiritual consciousness leading you to become a light worker, or a healer. Whatever the case and however you came to be one, you are a beautiful soul.

Want to know if you are a light worker or not? Check out the following and see if you have any or all of this characteristics. If you do, welcome to the healing world.

1. You genuinely love and care for all beings and creatures on earth.

There is no judgement or prejudice. You feel such a strong love connection to everything that it's absolutely undeniable. Your heart is warm and full of love all the time.

2. People and animals gravitate to you.

They feel your love and your aura and they want to be around you, with you and near you. The warm feeling of love is safe. Many of us don't feel safe and your aura and love brings a sense of calm and safety immediately to them.

3. Solitude is ok too.

You don't mind being alone at all. You love your alone time as much as you love your time helping, healing and being around others. You're alone time is for you to reflect on your own life and recharge your spirit and soul.

4. You are a gifted writer, singer, speaker, counsellor.

Your messages and words come straight from the heart and are meant to heal. You do it effortlessly and passionately. Your gift comes from deep inside your heart and soul.

5. Sometimes feel like an outsider.

You don't always fit in at social gatherings, depending on what they are. You are happier with like-minded people. People will either love you or fear you. The ones that fear you do so only because they fear your gift which is something they don't understand.

6. You have had an angelic experience.

Anyone can have an angelic experience if only they opened their hearts and minds enough to believe. The angels are always here to support, protect, love and guide us. You have to call on them. Connect with them. They want a relationship with you and light workers know that.

7. You probably don't have a regular 9-5 job.

Light workers or healers often make this their source of income be it through any method they can. Many a re card readers, Reiki masters and spiritual counsellors just to name a few. They work on their schedule and their work is their passion, it's not a job.

8. Healing is first in your life.

You sincerely want to heal and help anyone that you meet who needs healing. It's your number one gift and you love to use it. It comes very naturally for you and because of this you enjoy it and give it with great love.

9. Smiles everyone.

You are usually always smiling and smile every time you pass people on the street, yes even strangers. You radiate and glow love and friendship and smiling is part and parcel of that beautiful package.

10. Shielding is a daily activity.

In this world full o f anger and hate and negativity, you often find you area shielding yourself from all that blackness. You know how to shield and are prepared to do so in a moment's notice. It is something you do to protect your own heart and soul from toxicity.

If you are a light worker or know someone with these characteristics, count yourself blessed. Very blessed. A light worker is a beautiful warm loving person to be around. Are you a light worker? Share your thoughts and signs below.

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