The Only Way to Achieve Your Dreams "“ Use Your Super Power

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Everyone has dreams and desires. Everyone has wishes. Your dream may be to own a big house, or to build your own business. It may be to provide excellent education and opportunities for your children, or it may be to find the love of your life. You may desire to know your self better, to travel, or to find your dream career. You may wish for more opportunities to enjoy life, better health, or for new friends.

No doubt, you can relate to many of the above, and a million other dreams besides.


Dreams are great. They are powerful. They are the nuclear force for our soul. Without dreams, our bodies would be empty vessels.

But only dreaming is not enough.

In fact, just dreaming without doing anything about our dreams is worse than no dreaming at all.

If you have no dreams, if you happen to be a rare human being who is just completely content or doesn't care about what he has, and have no wishes or desires, then you are all set.

But most people aren't like that. Most people want things: they want to have more, and be more. If you are one of these people, then only dreaming will lead you to more misery.

Dreaming makes you aware that your life is lacking something. It is not perfect. It gives you hope that if you fulfill this dream, you will be a happier or more successful person.

Dreaming, in other words, makes you dissatisfied with your current life.

Dreaming without action turns that dissatisfaction into misery.

You are constantly aware that what you have is not enough, and yet because you are not taking any action towards that dream you know that you are not going to achieve it. That is a path to misery.

However, mix dreams with action and you will have a force that is stronger than the combined force of Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi.

Dreaming with action leads to a sense of purpose. When you have a purpose, it's easier to face difficulties. When you have a purpose, even if life throws you in the ditch, you'll be more motivated to work hard to climb out of it rather than just curl up and settle for the ditch.

Dreaming with action puts you in charge of the person you want to be, and where you want to go.

Perhaps you won't get everything you want, but by the time you've tried your best, you can bet that you will not be left with dissatisfaction and misery. You will have known that you tried everything – and along the way, you would've acquired countless skills and knowledge, and found numerous new opportunities.

Dreaming with action is the only way to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Action that match your dreams is your secret ingredient. It is your ultimate super power.

Everyone has it, but most people are just too lazy to use it. Push aside the laziness, and be a superhero. Use your super power, and you'll have a life where dreams equal to possibilities, rather than potential miseries.

Dream. Do. Be.

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