The Heliotropium and Givers of Energy

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The Heliotrpium is a plant that turns itself toward the sun in order for photosynthesis to occur.

"……why do sunflowers always appear to be reaching toward the sun?
The technical answer is that the flower's orientation to the sun in due to differential growth of the stem. A plant-growth regulator builds up on the shaded side of the plant when unequal light conditions exist. Because of this, the darker side of the plant grows faster than the sunlit side, causing the stem to bend towards the sun." (from the site

I think this is absolutely fascinating, and just shows how beautiful and intelligent nature really is. It also answered a lot of my questions on why we, as humans, gravitate toward people who seem to have a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm for life.

givers_of_energyEnergy givers

There are some people who are natural energy givers and a lot of people who are energy takers.

The energy givers willingly give out positive energy in order to help the people around them just by being positive, enthusiastic and have a natural love of life. I can think of many people in my life who are like this and I believe I was attracted to them for this reason. My wife is a perfect example of an energy giver, she is positive, funny, intelligent, compassionate and enthusiastic about life. However she can spot an energy taker a mile off and runs in the other direction to avoid them as do I. We are two of a kind and together we give a lot out to our family and friends.


Energy givers are attracted to each other by an invisible pull, just the the heliotropic plant, like the sunflower. You cannot see the sun's rays but the sunflower can feel it and turns itself toward the sun to drink in it's energy, in turn the sunflower gives out it's energy through vibrancy of colour and attracts bees and small animals who eat it's stalk. We also use the sunflower for sunflower oil, sunflower seeds etc. So you see like attracts like just like an energy giver will be attracted to another energy giver.

Energy takers

Whilst a lot of us may not know a lot of energy givers most of us know energy takers. These are people who complain about everything, are negative, bitchy, condescending, and generally not nice people to be around. You just know an energy taker from the moment you talk to them. They might be funny, laugh a lot but it can be a someone else's expense a lot of the time.

There are also energy takers who are just very quiet and don't contribute much to themselves and the people around them. They believe life owes them something and complain when they don't get what they want in life.

Turning from an energy taker to an energy giver

Give yourself a shake: Many energy takers can't be bothered to do much with their lives, and that's okay if you expect little in return. Even getting up and looking for another job instead of living on benefits is doing something positive. There are many people who need to live off benefits but the people who are able both mentally and physically are energy takers and one huge way to reverse this is do something about the situation instead of moaning how little the government gives you to live.

Contribute to the people around you: Give positive energy to those around. If you are part of a group of friends make sure you join in your conversations with funny stories, with encouragement, with laughter etc. You don't have to be super confident just make an effort to join in and give some energy back to the group, instead of feeding off everyone else's energy.

Stop complaining: There's a time to complain and a way to do it, but if you complain all the time you will be 'Billy no mates' in a very short space of time. Complainers can become very boring very quickly and suck the energy out from people as soon as they start complaining about something. It's okay every now and again, but not all the time.

Grow yourself: We are all growing every single day; spiritually, mentally, physically and intellectually. I believe we are here to reach our true potential and to pass on our potential in order for others to reach their true potential. Life is a beautiful adventure, it truly is if only we could look at it that way. Grow you mind, grow you spirit, look after yourself physically and grow your intellect whenever you can. YOU truly are an amazing person, believe in yourself enough to make your journey amazing.

Give to others: Help in any way you can and give something back to your community. This can be small things like smiling at someone in the street, volunteering a few hours a month, spend more time with your kids and family. When you give to others without expectation you receive abundance without owing anything.

Are you an energy giver or energy taker or somewhere in-between?

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