The Goddesses of Wealth and Knowledge

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It was one of those regular early mornings. I started meditation as I generally do and some thoughts start making way for more thoughts. They too start to dwindle and as my mind becomes quieter, from the void of nowhere a stray wisp of a thought floats up. Now I cannot pin it down but I seem to like the thought and let it linger. Soon it begins to take shape and I cook myself up a story . . .

grandfatherA grandfathers tale

A young man in transit from boyhood to adulthood visits his grandfather after a long while and they start chatting. The old man makes some coffee and they sit at the window watching the setting orange globe in the distance. They do not have much in common but the old man's earthy wisdom and easy talk soon begins to grip the boy's interest.

The topic turns to girls and suddenly the old man says: "I know two very lovely girls. One is extremely attractive and has a great charm which all find irresistible."

The boy perks up.   Then unsuccessfully tries to hide his excitement.

"The other is less attractive," the old man continues, "but she has a host of other wonderful qualities." Then suddenly he says "would you like to date one of them?"

The boy flushes and looks attentively at his twiddling toes through his floaters.

"I'll tell you more about them" Grandpa continues and the boy looks up expectantly.

"The attractive one can make anyone very happy but she is a bit flighty and flippant while the other one is more stable and studious. Whom would you prefer to meet?"

The young lad turns red at this unexpected discussion of girls with his grandfather while the old man is obviously enjoying the experience.

"I seem to have aroused your interest, my young friend" the grandfather chuckles while the boy slowly shakes his head with an embarrassed half grin.

"I'll tell you more about them" he continues, "The simple one is amazingly intelligent and once you get to know her she is a joy to be with.  From what I know of her nature, once you befriend her, she'll be your friend for life!"

"You seem to know these girls well" the boy musters up courage to ask.

"Oh yes. I've got to know them quite well by now. With all their pluses and minuses".

The old man knowingly pauses, sips his coffee and pensively stares at the sunset. After a fidgety wait the boy whispers "So?"

"So what?" grins Grandpa. "Oh, the girls.   What else?" he muses. "She is very creative and always comes up with an answer to almost every problem."


"The smart one of course."

"And the attractive one?"

The old man looks at his grandson and smiles knowingly "I know where your interest lies, young man.   This girl you call attractive, some even find gorgeous and many can't take their eyes off. But she has some negatives to counter that".

After one more slurp at the coffee he continues "I've known her to play hard to get sometimes.   She can just look through you and some find it unnerving. She's also so moody she will strike up a friendship with some real crazy characters, even shady ones. I just don't think she has it in her to be faithful to anyone. She is too flippant and unpredictable."

The boy visibly wilts in disappointment.

The old man laughs. "Don't look so glum. I know a way to get her interested in you if you want."

"Oh come on Grandpa"¦" the boy says "I'm not really interested."

"No, no, you should be. I've known guys have their chests swell up proudly when she walks beside them.   It's a great feeling to have such a beauty on your arm and have the whole world turn round to see you together.   You attract everyone's awe and respect."

"Yeah grandpa but if she is so gorgeous she can be enticed away from you or even she could leave you in the lurch anytime. You yourself said she was, what was it "“ flippant."

"True, but she is also exhilarating to be with while she is with you."

Doubt creases the boy's forehead at his wise grandpa's opinion.   After a pregnant pause and more coffee he can't resist. "What else?' he asks the old man.

"Well, she is like most normal women, but not quite. She can be like your shadow. The more you run behind her, the more she will evade you. Stop and walk the other way and she is sure to follow you."

"Cool, Grandpa."


"Oh, nothing."

"There is a bit more. She also has another feminine streak.   She and her intelligent friend are very close, but a touch of jealousy always creeps in if you shower attention on the smart friend."

"And the smart one? Is she also the jealous type?"

"No, she is the opposite.   She generally doesn't give countenance to those who run after her pretty friend."

"Wow, she's real cool!"


"Tell me Grandpa, how do you know them so well?"

"I've got to know them over the years"¦."

"And what are their names?"

"The attractive one whom everyone runs after is Lakshmi. Her other friend is Saraswati"

My life has truly proven to me that as I follow the Indian goddess of Knowledge Saraswati, I keep getting envious glances and even considerable attention from the goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi.

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