The energy in all of us "“ How to harness it – Part 1

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This is the first part of a two part article on the invisible energy which affects all of our lives.

We are all imbued with an energy that eminates from us all of the time. What affects this energy are our thoughts, our psychology, our biology and inner chemistry. Sounds a bit like hocus pocus, however some of the greatest minds of our time have postulated that invisible energy is the substance of life. Not only that but they have concluded that we are all connected, yeah man, peace! give love a chance! It might sound a little hippy-ish but can it be true?

energyThe science of energy

Quantum mechanics has been quoted in many personal development articles and the works of such scientists as Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Neils Bohr, Erwin Shrodinger, Max Born, Werner Heisenberg, Richard Feynman and David Bohm have been used and misunderstood by many as the basis for a new personal development field.

The "˜law of attraction' states that what we think about most is what will be attracted into our lives. The movie "˜The Secret' has raised awareness of this as well as books by Esther and Jerry Hicks, James Redfield and the like.

We as human beings have undoubtedly jumped onto this new theory and, seeing a way to get what we want in life , have used it as a basis of a new psychology.

The question is does it really work!

Are we all connected?

For the law of attraction to work one of the presumptions has to be that everyone in the world is connected. For example imagine you are trying to manifest a new job for yourself, for this to work you sit down quietly each night and imagine yourself in this new job, you feel the emotions, you use all your senses to imagine it. Your thoughts are then thrown into the world and are picked up, subconsciously, by other people who may be able to help. Hopefully within a few weeks you start to see more opportunities and connect with more people that can help you manifest your desires. Now, you attribute this to the Law of attraction and start to believe that it really does work and you test it out on other desires.

Have your thoughts reached other people that can help you or have you simply become more aware and alert to new opportunities and put yourself in new situations which could also help you?

I believe we have done both of the above. We have, without doubt, made ourselves more alert to more opportunities. It is a heightened state of awareness which will last as long as we are thinking about our desires. What I also believe is that the energy emanated from us due to this heightened state of awareness has changed. It has changed our psychology, it has changed our biology, the chemistry of our cells and our physiological state.

With desires comes emotions (psychology), with emotions comes the secretion of hormones (biology) with hormones comes the changing of our inner bodies (chemistry and physiology) with all of this comes an enhanced energetic state. This enhanced energetic state will affect the other people we interact with, so we are literally touching other people with our energetic force.

We have all experienced this in one way or another and phrases such as "˜you could cut the atmosphere with a knife', "˜bad vibes', "˜tense atmosphere' and the like all describe something intangibly tangible.

A world full of energy

I believe that believing in the "˜Law of attraction' is a choice just like believing in a God of some kind. If it works for you who cares what others think about it, if it doesn't work for you why waste your time and energy casting doubt over it.

For those of us who do believe, and I am one, for the moment, can we enhance our energetic force for the good? I don't just mean for the good of our own lives but for the good of others.

In the second part of this article I will list some ways we can enhance our energetic state to increase the likelihood that our desires are manifested. I will also look at ways we can help others with our thought energy.

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