The coolest school in town – Interview with Steli Efti

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Interview with Steli Efti

Steli Efti has a dream a making education for everyone free with his plan
for the "people to educate the people" and his SuperCool School

I first met Steli Efti after setting up a MyBlogLog
. He was setting up an interesting project called "˜Supercool
School' which has still to open to the public, but I liked the idea
and conversed a few times with Steli.

You can see Steli's blog at on
which he writes articles about education and EduBlogging and various other

Steli has written an eBook which is an interesting read, and you can download
it here for free the
post which accompanies the eBook is 7 Lessons that could ruin your life

The eBook has 7 Lessons that could ruin your life and suggests ways to fix

Lesson 1: Be afraid of failure
Lesson 2: Focus on doing it right
Lesson 3: Learn not to learn
Lesson 4: Intuition isn't important
Lesson 5: Your beliefs are irrelevant
Lesson 6: Don't decide
Lesson 7: You aim too high

The book has some great content and very interesting conclusion.


I interviewed Steli about his eBook and about his hopes for SuperCool School.

Tell me a bit about yourself so our readers know you a bit better.
I am a 24 years-old "learning lunatic" who wants to help giving the
power of education to the people. I am a teacher, an entrepreneur
and an advocate of free education and of the supercool

You have written an eBook which gives 7 lessons that may ruin your
life, why did you write this?

I had a discussion with my younger cousin about his attitude towards life and
his dreams & goals.
He said that the reason why he's not willing to take risks, to make mistakes
and to believe in his dreams is because school taught him different. He tried
to legitimate his behaviour and to persuade me that he doesn't want to learn
better and faster and that school would be too easy and fast if he would. That
was too much for me. I sat down and thought about some "life lessons" I
had to "unlearn" in order to move forward with my life and how I
made it.

After that I felt like sharing it with the world to hopefully help some people
realize that no matter what they've learned in life -if it's not
good for them they can unlearn it and move forward.

What is Supercool School?
A bold attempt to redefine the concept of virtual education. Supercool School
will unite people from all around the world who want to share their knowledge
and give them a live, interactive and free environment to do so. This is a "people
educate people" concept. Anyone can be a supercool teacher, the only requirements
are: love what you are
teaching, know your stuff, be dedicated and have the will to share your knowledge
for free.

When will it go live?
In May 2007.

What are your hopes for the future?
I hope that enough people will join us to make the supercool dream come true
and to make online education accessible for free… worldwide.

What do you think of blogging as medium for spreading your message?
I love it 🙂
I started with a very business oriented approach to blogging. I had this idea
of Supercool School and as a novice Internet user it was the easiest and fastest
way to do some important homework and get some real-life feedback. I used my
blog as a very raw (and free) market research and alpha testing tool. After
that I started the project and kept my blog simply as a place for random thoughts
and ideas. I didn't know anything about the true beauty and power of
blogging back then. I used to stand
upon the round table to blog
and talked TO an audience instead of JOINING
the conversations in the bloggosphere. Now…it's so much more fun to
blog and it has become even more than a learning tool or a way to spread a
message – it's a great way to find new friends and supporters who share
our dream!

To find out more about Steli's Project visit his webiste and register for updates.

Steli, I truly wish you all the success in the world with
this, a great idea, an ambitious ideaand a worthy idea. Good Luck!

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