The Connections We Share

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A few years ago we had a little dog called "˜Trinity' (named after a character from one of my favourite films "˜The Matrix').

She was a beautiful and boisterous little Lhasa Apso, and we bought her to help my young son, at the time, to get over his fear of dogs (which worked).

At fours years old Trinity took ill and was kept at the vet overnight to monitor her.  

The next morning I had the most vivid dream that I spoke to Trinity and asked her if she was okay.  She looked at me, head resting on her paws and with sad eyes she shook her little head.  I knew that she was really ill and tickled her under her chin as I cried.  She looked at me one more time and closed her eyes to die.  I awoke from that dream, at 5am, crying and quite upset, but reminded myself it was a dream.

An hour later the vet called me to advise that Trinity had passed away in her sleep.  I was so upset for weeks after that, and still to this day, 6 years after she passed away, I well up thinking about her in my dream and thinking of how she communicated with me to tell me she was going to die.  Even now as I write this there are tears streaming down my face.

We have an amazing connection with animals and they can become as much a part of a family as your son, your daughter or your partner.  

It's is also a reminder that we share a deeper connection in the universe, not just to the furry members of our family, but to each other as well.

I don't know why I wrote this to be honest, I guess it's just to remind you how precious you are and how much we are all connected in some strange and wonderful way.

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