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6 Ways to Stay Positive When You think Your World is Crumbling

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"Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life." — J.K. Rowling

The first thing to know about experiencing the world crumbling world around you is that not one person ever escapes going through a time when they are walking on the shambles of life. Yet how individuals approach the shambles can makes all of the difference. With these six tips you'll better be able to embrace the crumbling world as an opportunity to work on growth and positivity.

1. Seek Out a Positive Perspective on the Negative Situation(s)

The qualities of life are not set by some pre-destined reaction, besides our involuntary evolutionary instincts, but rather the human mind is in charge of determining the qualities of any given situation. Ever been to a party and not had any fun while other people seem to be having a blast? Or how about sitting in class when one student is more enthusiastic than the rest of the classmates whom are nearly bored to tears. The attitude you take into a situation determines whether you are bouncing up and down in our seat to answer the next question, or if you are resting your head in your hands as we count the seconds until the class is over.

In order to experience something terrible in a more positive way, you have to search for how you are benefiting from the situation. This will help rejuvenate your fervor for life, so that you can get through tough situations. Finding the positive may take some introspection and/or outside perspective, but even in the darkest situations there is light to be found when you take the time to look. When in doubt, known that every experience in life is a lesson learned to give you wisdom for the future.

2. Understand Change is the Rule, Not the Exception

Life is not stagnant a beast rather it ebb and flows like the tide. Expect and plan for change always. To help stay positive you can't just plan for it though, you need to learn to embrace all the cycles of the life. Learn to see the beauty in the tragic, the ugly and the unfortunate, and always remember without contrast of darkness there cannot be light.

3. Use your Transition for Improving your Life

Transition is the perfect time to begin ingraining new behaviors, patterns and habits into a lifestyle. When you are in a state of transition there is something you are letting go of or moving on from, so that gives you internally and externally a space for something new. If you do not take action this space may remain blank, or it may be filled with a negative behavior you don't even really notice your developing. So be mindful and fill up with something that you want and need to experience life in a more positive way in the future.

4. Spend Time with Positive and Supportive People

It can be hard to be around people during times of grief. You feel vulnerable due to intensity and variety of unfamiliar emotions that are constantly fluctuating as life takes you through a roller coaster. Learning to open up to positive and supportive people is a healthy thing to do. Everyone goes through these types of times, so you'll be surprised of the generosity of spirit that good folks will be able to offer. Do not let insecurity about feeling bad rob your of the chance to have someone support you through tough times.

5. Schedule Fun Times

The last thing on your mind may be going out and having fun. It can be tempting to just hole up in a room with the company of grief. Constantly dwelling on something to an extreme is unhealthy, so it is vital to let the brain dwell on something else for a while. It can be as simple as walking in a park or elaborate as going on vacation, but make sure that you stick to a strict schedule of having fun on a regular basis. Your troubles will be there to greet you when you get back, but your refreshed state of mind will make them easier to face.

6. Set a Positive Affirmation to Repeat Daily

Using positive affirmations help train our brain to keep on a positive track. When our brain goes down a negative road with negative thought cycles, it becomes easier and easier to continue thinking negatively. When we use things like positive affirmations, it becomes easier for our brain to stay positive. Positive affirmations help keep us going down the positive road instead of the negative one.

Memorize or carry around a positive affirmation to repeat daily as you go through the hectic scenarios in your life. This will help reset your mind from being stressed to viewing everything in a more positive way, and this will make it easier to take on your problems face on.

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