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The 30 Second Method to Effectively Deal with Anxiety Attacks

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You can effectively deal with anxiety and panic attacks in 30 seconds. Sounds too good be true? It kind of is.

People with anxiety get told a lot of incorrect and unhealthy things like "you're overreacting" and "get over it".

Dealing is different to curing. If an anxiety attack can come on in under a minute through thoughts, memories, and emotions, a similar reverse effect can be created so you can manage your anxiety in situations. Here is my ultimate three-step process to deal with an anxiety disorder.

1. The Situation(s)

To begin discovering the breakthrough way to deal with your anxiety in 30 seconds, you must ask yourself this question: where do you get your anxiety attacks? Identify the situations in which you panic. Notice when you feel anxious and generally show signs of anxiety like increased heartbeat, sweating, and faster breathing.

Have you figured out your situation? Good. For many clients I've worked with, their anxiety occurs in social situations when they meet new people. I'm a social skills coach who helps afraid individuals socialize so I'll apply the 30 second method to overcome social anxiety. It's amazing the number of people who attempt to build unstoppable confidence in socializing and fail because of their anxiety.

2. The Trigger(s)

The next step towards treatment is thinking through the causes of your anxiety in the situation. Using our example for social anxiety, I know a common cause for social anxiety is socializing with strangers. Let's assume you have this problem.

If you're at a party and notice the signs of anxiety, such as worrying, irritability, and bodily changes, perhaps you've come to believe parties create your social anxiety. However, knowing that does not help you effectively apply the 30 second method to deal with panic attacks. What is it about parties that make you anxious?

You must take the time to drill down the causes of your anxiety otherwise you'll struggle to overcome anxiety. After further self-questioning, let's say you've figured out you get anxiety attacks when you feel compelled to socialize with strangers. Notice how more helpful that is than labeling parties as the cause of your anxiety.

3. Hold Anxiety

After you identify the signs of your anxiety, which lead to identifying the causes of your anxiety, you're now ready to deal with your anxiety and overcome it.
The last step is acceptance. The worst thing you can do when signs of a panic attack arise is to panic about them. That's how panic attacks develop! You get stuck in a cycle of trying to avoid anxiety. Avoidance compounds anxiety.

American actor and comedian Tom Wilson phrased his anxiety beautifully when he said: "I try not to worry about the future so I take each day just one anxiety attack at a time." An anxiety therapist Steven Hayes said the same message about his anxiety.

These three steps are the ultimate summary of the 30 second method to overcome anxiety and panic attacks. You spend 30 seconds to recognize the signs, realize the cause, and process your acceptance of what takes place. You won't cure your anxiety in 30 seconds, but you will deal with it the best you can in that time frame.

I've applied this formula many times to help many a shy, nervous, and fearful individual in social situations become a confident person. Now it's your turn to deal with anxiety, make friends, and talk with whoever you want without fear.

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