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Let's Quit! 6 Reasons To Start Over

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How long have you been in the same routine for? 1 year? 5 years? You drag your feet to work, stall when you feel it, and don't call your partner as much. Where did the passion for life go? Don't you ever just feel like quitting everything and starting over? Well, lots of people do it all over the world all the time, and they are not worse off for it. Perseverance to continue what you are doing is only as valuable as the enjoyment you get from doing it. Sometimes it is totally OK to throw in the towel, back your bags, quit while you're mentally ahead, and take on life with a new fervor. That is how new adventures, relationships and careers begin. There are so many people alive today that if they did not quit their job, we would not have the technologies we have. It's an entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit that should not be neglected, and you should answer the call with enthusiasm.

There's a right and wrong time to stay in something or quit something. Learn more about yourself and when you should stay and when you should quit. Why is quitting sometimes an ideal choice? Let's learn about a few reasons.

1. Learn to be your best you

Sometimes quitting doesn't mean you have stopped being who you really are. It's not about closing down yourself, it's about developing yourself. You are exiting one stage in order to enter another, like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Don't resist change, embrace it. Our lives have so many steps and paths in them – we are never done learning, we just keep going – there is so much to learn. Remember how much you learned about living your life in your teens…20's…30's…etc. We keep developing as we age. That's the beauty of it all.

2. Perseverance…who cares?

There is a certain power that comes with not giving up. You are persistent and you strive for your goals. Perseverance is the reason our grandparents stayed together, it built communities and cities and businesses. But that doesn't mean it's always worth it. There comes a time when there's no reason to continue – and you don't have to. Don't feel like you have to keep doing that job if it's not giving you enjoyment. Don't feel like you need to stay in that relationship if it's not making you happy. There are new doors to open; don't be afraid to take a chance, quit, and choose another path – it may lead to great happiness. It will be lonely and strange at first but eventually you will transform into something new.

If there's no point to carry on, don't. Don't be afraid to leave and do something different.

3. Improve your confidence

So. You've moved on. You quit your relationship/job/thing because you finally had enough and you had the courage to open a new door. Well look at this new part of you – courage and confidence. Every time you make a big decision like this, you are learning a new part of your personality; the confident part that's not afraid to challenge the unexpected and venture into the unknown. The more you do it, the better you will be and the more confident you will become.

4. Because I feel like it!

People have told you not to quit. They tell you to keep going. They tell you it's going to be OK. They influence you in so many ways you've lost track. Stop! When was the last time you made your own decision, or acted impulsively? If you want to quit, you have every right to do so. Who was it that said, "quit your job and travel the world"? Oh…I think everyone has said that at some point in time! So go ahead and act on your emotions. Don't be afraid to do it. Someone has to do it – someone else isn't going to travel the world for you. You have to be yourself and make your own decisions, for better or worse. If it was for worse, don't worry – life goes on. Keep learning and growing.

5. Something better is coming

You've pulled the plug on something, and you're waiting for something new to happen. It takes a while and you're anxious – do you regret everything? Don't. Yes, sometimes new things take a while to get going – you haven't met anyone new, you're not in love with your new job yet. But don't worry about it. Life will always be a series of ups and downs, and every ride feels like it's taking longer than the last one. I assure you however, that no matter how hard the struggle is now, it will get better. Something better is coming…I can feel it! Just be patient and wait for that apex to come…

6. New is fun

Quitting is fun. Quitting smoking is healthy. Quitting being lazy is energizing. Quitting your job is bold. Quitting a bad relationship is progressive. Any time you make a radical change, you are acting out of impulse, emotion, and gut instinct – something you should never avoid anyways. You should be bold and confident and ready to embrace new changes in your life. New doors to go through and fun doors to go through. Expand your imagination and remind yourself that something great is always bound to happen. It's destiny, after all!

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