Take a Moment Not to Believe in Yourself

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Funny thing about the personal development field is that we are all told to believe in ourselves and we can achieve anything in life.   However, something I haven't heard is "˜believing in others'.

take_a_moment_not_to_believe_in_yourselfAccording to the news, the world has gone completely mad and everybody is killing each other right left and centre.   If all you read was newspapers and all you watched was the news you would be led to believe that the majority of people in the world are evil.   Something I realised at an early age is that the bigger the disaster the more the newspapers would sell, the bigger the scandal the more the newspapers would sell, the bigger (insert doom and gloom adjective here) the more newspapers would sell.

I remember as a child watching the local TV station and I happened to be up until the station closed down at 12am or something like that, back when TV channels actually closed for the night, and there would be a little announcement from a pleasant man saying something like : "˜In the interests of safety please remember to switch off  your  TV and pull the plug out in case of a fire, as fire can kill', I don't think I got to sleep that night for fear of there being a fire.   That's what it's like with the news and newspapers, we are all so scared to leave our houses.

It's time we started believing in the human race again.   We are a good bunch of people really and it's only the very small minority who are evil, we have to keep reminding ourselves of this fact.   How many people have you known in your whole life who have turned out to be a murderer?   If you answered 1 to this question, and I am willing to bet most of us will have said "˜zero', then a quick calculation will have shown you that a tiny tiny percentage of every single person you have known in your life have turned out to be evil monsters.   Take this percentage and apply it across the world.

I am not saying trust everyone you meet, but I would say give the benefit of the doubt before judging everyone as being evil monsters.   Yes, exercise caution and safety at all times, but in our day to day lives I think we should start believing in others again, start believing in the human race again.

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