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Always trying to be a little different with Sunday Siesta I thought I would list of the best posts over the last year from Change Your Thoughts. There might be some posts that you have missed. I know you can sign up and get the best of CYT Volumes 1 and 2 FREE when you sign up (Check the right hand side of the blog to do this). Here are my favourite posts so far this year

sunday_siesta10 Of The Best Posts From Change Your Thoughts

100 Ways to Develop Your mind – This is possibly the longest post I have written so far and one of the hardest but most rewarding. Writing challenging posts like this makes all the other ones a lot easier and it was quite rewarding as it received a lot of good feedback.

13 Fantastic Female Personal Development Bloggers – There are some great personal development bloggers out there and I found most of them were male bloggers and I still think it is dominated by male bloggers. However there are also some great female personal development bloggers out there and I wanted to highlight them which i have down in this post.

What Was Your Flash Forward – This is a post I really enjoyed writing as it was based on one of my favourite TV shows at the moment FlashForward. It is about visualising your future and making it real

Life Is Shit – This post got a lot of stick as a few people thought I was being arrogant in it, but that was not the intention and people who know me will know this. It is meant to stir a bit of emotion and tell others that life is not a shit as they would have make out.

10 Beautiful Pieces of Ambient Music – I loved compiling this post as it has some of my favourite composers and musicians in it and it is one I still refer to myself when I need a little mental calming.

7 Irrational Thoughts That Disrupt Your Life – This is one of my all time favourites at CYT and one that explains why a lot of people don't get on in life as they are stuck with some of these thoughts, if we learn to get past all of them then we are on our way to changing our lives.

The Power Of Focus – This is the very day I decided that the blog was going to be a force in the personal development world and I set myself a huge target of reaching 10,000 subscribers by 31st December 2009. I was then at 3,400 subscribers and now up to 5,700, nowhere near my target but I am still working on it.

Ask The Coach – Myself and Ayo Olaniyan started this secti0n of the blog to answer personal development questions every Thursday. Ayo has done a great job in keeping it going and it is a section that I really enjoy. It hasn't been that popular and the questions have stopped coming in, however we will keep going with it.

Audio Interview With Jonathan Wells – I loved this interview with Jonathan as he is one of my favourite bloggers out there. This post was about his book 7 Simple Steps – Life Transformation Guide

Set Your Mind Alight and Find Your Passion – I loved writing this post and it was one of those posts that just flowed from the heart and was easy to write, I was in the zone at this time.

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