Sunday Siesta September 6th

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This week is going to be a little different from the other Sunday Siestas as I wanted to highlight a few blogs that you've probably not heard of before. I first met them in the bootcamp and they are budding writers and bloggers who have recently started out. I have picked 10 of the best posts from these personal development blogs and wanted to share the talent from these relatively new bloggers.

sunday_siesta10 Great Personal Development Posts from Up and Coming Bloggers

Raison D'etre – ButYes – Written by Kye.   This is about the experience of being fifty and our place in the world.

Wound up, Stressed? The secret of Instant Serenity – – Mary Jaksch is actually not a new blogger but an experienced writer and blogger however I only came across her blog in the bootcamp. The writing is great and this is a sample of Mary's writing.

Employee appreciate that doesn't suck – Beyond Freelancing – Run by Jeffrey Tang. I liked this blog the moment I visited it, I liked the design, the style of writing and liked the sound of Jeffrey straight away. This post is one about fixing the employee rewards program and Jeffrey speaks about going beyond the 'Employee of The Month' piece of paper.

How to get what you want – – Another good blog with some great articles. Karlil, who writes the blog speaks about the five things that will get you what you want without being demanding.

Are your goals worth 5 minutes a day – – Another great blog from an enthusiastic blogger, Justin Dixon. Justin speaks here about making a creed to work on your goals every day.

Focus or how to be strong, sexy & smart in 60 seconds – UnwrapYourMind – Written by Patrick Stoeckmann. Patrick's style is great and his posts are in depth and informal. This one is a long piece but worth the read about focus, both in the inner world and the outer and poses some great questions to help you along your way.

8 Simple steps to have a carnival in your life every day – – Author and blogger Arvind is another up and coming blogger in the personal development field and a very nice guy as well. In this post Arvind talks about how to enjoy your life every day.

10 Practical productivity tips for parents – – Written by Anastasiya Goers, a married mother with twins. This post is about being productive as a parent, a great read for any parent.

A lesson on focus from an inanimate object – – Written by Charley Forness, recently had triplets (well he didn't have them, his wife did). This is actually quite a funny post from Charley speaking about his experience with a computer program designed to let you know about your own brain function.

Stop wasting your life, live the adventure – – Written by Jai Kai (Is that a great name or what!). This was another blog I liked from the get go. here Jai talks about taking adventures in your life and gives you some tips on how to go about it, an inspiring read.

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