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Are You Planning to Fail

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Do you have a written plan that details how you will succeed, step-by-step, month-by-month? If you don't, then you are planning to fail.

I don't care if you're trying to lose 20lbs, become CEO, win a golf tournament, or start your own business; you'll need a 'solid' plan that you 'believe in,' in order to succeed.

Without a plan, you have very little direction, and it will be almost impossible to be consistent. Without consistency you will never make any long-term progress; you will never experience success.

build_a_planDevelop a Good Plan

Sometime ago when I was looking to start a weight-lifting regiment, I decided to put together a weight-lifting 'plan.' I read several books on weight-lifting, I scanned the internet, and I talked with several individuals who were currently lifting weights.

Based on my research, I developed a plan using the best advice from each of my sources and I placed that plan on the wall of my home gym.

[A 'good plan' should always include your goals, as well as specific daily direction to ensure you meet your goals.]

My plan included how long each workout would be, as well as what time I would begin my workouts.

Work the Plan

Of course, it's not enough to just have a plan. In order for the 'plan' to work, you have to 'work' the plan. The 'plan' works, when you 'work' the plan.

If you're trying to become a professional dancer, 'working the plan' may mean practicing 10 hours a day, but the plan has to be 'worked.'

You must develop the habit of following the plan daily; 'consistency' and 'habit' will take you further than your 'desires' ever will.

Make Adjustments to the Plan

Although I believe I put together a good weight-lifting plan initially, it wasn't a perfect plan. Three months into the plan, I realized that I needed to make some adjustments: I was over-working my pectoral muscles, so I decided to work them less frequently. I also made some additional changes in my diet.

Your initial plan will almost always change; this is not a problem (just make sure to have your 'plan' saved on your computer, so you can make quick updates and re-print as necessary).

'Tweak the plan,' until it's the perfect plan for you.

Remain Faithful to the Plan

This is the most critical of all the steps. If you don't faithfully work your plan everyday, how can you expect to succeed? A good plan will challenge you, it will stretch you, it will demand the very best from you.

Are you willing to remain faithful to your plan when things get tough?

Are you willing to stick to your plan, when someone is passing out 'free' donuts? Are you willing to stick to your plan, when everyone else has gone home for the day? Are you willing to stick to your plan, after you reach your goal? The question really becomes, how bad do you want it. If you want it bad enough, you will remain faithful.

In closing, if you don't have a plan, develop a plan this week. Start with your research; find the best ways to get the results you seek (study folks who have already succeeded). Then begin to 'work the plan' daily; make adjustments as necessary, stay faithful to the plan (in the face of challenges), and you will succeed.

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