Sunday Siesta – June 21st

A new series entitled 'Sunday Siesta' featuring some of the best posts on self development from around the blogosphere. It's sunday; relax, chillout and learn a little more about yourself.

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I am starting a new series every Sunday entitled 'Sunday Siesta' where you can read some of my favourite posts of the past week by some well know bloggers and some not so well known. I read and scan up to a hundred posts per week and have picked out my favourites here.

I intended on writing a piece on them each but I am being whisked away as I type to a surprise fathers day meal by my wife and two sons. So for this week I will just send you the top 10 posts I have read this week.

Hope you enjoy them

Sunday Siesta – Relax and learn


In my Fathers Arms – Happy Fathers Day: BunnyGotBlog

Stop being the victim – The Rate Race Trap

Waking up early – Edragonu

The Golden rule is wrong guest post by Robin Kriglestein – A Daring Adventure

Everyone's in a hurry – Quantum Learning

Tim Ferris & Kevin Rose discuss their top 5 must reads – Tim Ferris Blog

The 5 dimensions of knowledge – Advanced Life Skills

5 Ways to boost your work performance outside the office – DumbLittleMan

How to escape the toxic friends holding you back – Scott H Young

10 Business lessons learned – SmallBizBee

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