The energy of money and how to make more of it

The pursuit of making more money has an energy to it. If you are focused and have clear goals in mind and you concentrate on them every day and take action you can and will create more abundance in your life.

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The pursuit of making more money has an energy to it.   If you are focused and have clear goals in mind and you concentrate on them every day and take action you can and will create more abundance in your life.

Is money the root of all evil?

We have been programmed to believe that the pursuit of money is bad and it's not good for the soul.   This is without doubt one of the biggest lies we have been told as children, that and Santa Claus (I was gutted when I was told that Santa was a lie and I was 23 imagine how children feel!)


You've more than likely heard these sayings in your life:

  • "˜Money doesn't grow on trees you know'
  • "˜We can't afford it'
  • "˜Money can't buy you happiness'
  • "˜The rich get richer and the poor get poorer'
  • "˜To make more money you have to work harder'
  • "˜Money is the root of all evil'

Until you rid yourself of the guilt of trying to better yourself financially you can't begin to create more money into your life.   We'll speak about four steps to creating more money in your life a bit later but for now I'd like to speak about the difference between greed and making more money.

Greed and money

Thinking of some of my heroes I used to think why would they try and make more money when they obviously don't need it.   I am thinking of people like Richard Branson, James Dyson, Warren Buffet and Tony Robbins to name but a few.   However when reading their biographies, watching and listening to them on interviews it is clear their goal is not to make more money but to feel alive by building on their brand and their customer loyalty, with the possible exception of Warren Buffet who is an investment genius.   So their goal is not to make more money it is a by-product of their goal of achieving more in their life.   They are also philanthropists and they give back a hell of a lot to the world in the form of donations, settings up schools, giving knowledge and time to the younger generation.   This is not greed it's a desire to reach their potential, which is what Abraham Maslow speaks about in his 'hierarchy of needs' theory.

Greed is a different animal altogether.   Greed is defined in the 'New Oxford English Dictionary' as: 'Intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power or food.' If your goal is to create more money into your life simply for your own selfish needs then life will be empty after a while.   Giving back something to the world in the form of money, knowledge, education, and time is something everyone should strive for, I believe.

Four steps to creating more money in your life

I have learned these lessons the hard way and it has taken me over twenty years to finally be able to understand them, from the beginnings of selling sweets in the playground to where I am now.   I still want to make more money and be financially able to do whatever I want but I am closer to my goal than when I first started out.

Step one – Blasting through your limiting beliefs

As I said in the beginning of this post we have been programmed to believe the pursuit of money and wealth is not good.   Get rid of this thought as quickly as you can for it will hinder you from making progress in your life's goal to create more money in your life.   Money is the pathway to freedom for yourself and for others in your life.   You will have the ability to help more people by being wealthy than you will be by being poor.   Think of this for a moment:

More money in your life will mean you will buy more, when you buy more it means small and large businesses can stay in business, when they stay in business it means the banks can lend more money to them to expand therefore keeping the banks in business, when the banks are healthy financially it means they can lend more to people for loans and mortgages, when mortgages are purchased it means house builders are thriving, when house builders thrive it means more choice for house buyers and more social housing stock, when there is more social housing stock it means people getting out of poverty and bad housing conditions…………………….this could go on and on.

Look at the situation just now and what has happened to the whole economy because the banks have made poor decisions.   However we as a nation are perpetuating the situation by not spending the way we used to and if we are really honest our situation has not really changed we still earn the same monthly income, the price of food is the same, the price of clothes has gone down, the price of cars has gone down so we should be spending the same to keep the economy afloat.   However because a global financial crisis is great news for newspapers they print their horror stories and suddenly people have stopped spending, small businesses are going bust, house builders have stopped building and banks have stopped lending.   Do you think if the 'Global Crisis' was never reported on TV, on the internet or in newspapers we would be in this situation right now, I definitely believe we wouldn't.   Yes this is an overly simplistic view of how the economy works but believe me when I say there are people out there making millions because the herd have listened to the media.

You were born to reach your full potential and that certainly does not mean living in poverty and scrimping and saving to get by in life.   There is enough money in the world for everyone to thrive and that includes you.   It's time to open up your mind to the possibilities of making more money.

Step 2 – Creating your future

You can't row your own boat until you know your destination.      You can certainly row someone else's boat and that is what most of us do in life.   We go to school, leave and then go to university, leave and then row someone else's boat by working for them, then we jump off the boat after 45 years service and retire when it's almost too late to really enjoy life.   That's not a life it's an existence.

Rowing your own boat means controlling your own life.   yes it also means taking more risks and failing more but you will learn a hell of a lot about the world works and how you work and how to better yourself.   To do this you have to know what you want to do with your life, you need dreams to follow, you need a vision to hold and passion to drive you.

Start small, think big and build yourself up from there.   What do you want in life?

Now you know what you want you need to know how you get it.

Step 3 – Help someone create their dream

Yours dreams are undoubtedly different from mine however the key to making more money in your life is to help people realise their dreams.   What I mean by this is create something or pass on knowledge which will help someone else realise their dream.   Now, the dream the other person has might not be huge but if you help them and they are willing to pay for it then you have helped yourself and someone else at the same time.   When one person has a dream there are some others who have the same dream.

A fantastic example of this is someone who is selling an ebook right now, you can check it out on Google, called 'How to build your own chicken coop'.   You might think this is a crazy idea, but the owner of the ebook thought 'If I wanted to know how to build a chicken coup, there must be others too'.   And now there are hundreds of happy people who had a tiny dream to build their own chicken coop and found someone willing to impart their knowledge for a small fee.   This book is doing great and making the owner a lot of money.

So you see, people have all different kinds of dreams big and small and if you can help people realise their dreams, big or small you can help yourself create more money in your life and help people around the world.

Step 4 – Once you've made it it's time to share it

I am nowhere near this stage yet but it is my ultimate goal that when I have become wealthy enough to have anything I want in life I will share my successes and teach people how they can emulate my success.   And I will do this freely to people who have not made it yet and charge for it to businesses who are in the latter stages of step 3.   This way the knowledge is always going round and being shared and I cannot think of a better way to enrich the world than by sharing knowledge on how to better create more money in people's lives.

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