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Another 10 great personal development posts from last week.

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Another 10 great blog posts from last week with a few new blogs in there you might not have visited. I would like to say congratulations to Ayo Olaniyan, who is a guest poster here at CYT, for the birth of his baby girl on Wednesday which he speaks about in Celebrating the Simple Joys of life, congratulations Ayo.

sunday_siesta10 Great personal development posts for week 19th July – 25th July

Worry, the destroyer of happiness – Michael Miles – PickTheBrain – It's been said a million times and in a million ways but Michael Miles reminds us why worrying about something that has already happened and may never happen, destroys our minds.

10 Ways to give yourself a procrastination inoculation – Karen Leland – ZenHabits – Karen gives us some great tips for avoiding procrastination and how we can get more done just by taking action and simple steps.

How to 'Build Your Value' as an entrepreneur – Kate Freiling – This might seem a strange one to have in as it's not strictly personal development however if you watch the video, Katie speaks about building values and adding skills in life and I thought there was a great comparison to be made between building a business and self improvement. Watch the video with self improvement in mind, it's fascinating.

Let's get some perspective – RatRaceTrap – Stephen Mills reminds us to get a little perspective when it comes to our worries and our problems, or what we perceive as problems. Fast becoming a regular here at Sunday Siesta

How to draw (and other life lessons) – ScottHYoung – I thought this was a good article talking about drawing however Scott is giving us some tips on how to live our lives when it comes to learning anything new.

The death of becoming something – IlluminatedMind – Jonathan Mead speaks about the being true to yourself and looking for the identity of you on the inside rather than the outside.

The power of intention – A personal quest – AdvancedLifeSkills – I know I seem to feature this blog every week but that is for a reason. Jonathan talks about the difference between wanting and an intention and he gives us a personal story to illustrate this.

The ultimate goal setting post – ADaringAdventure – Tim Brownson leads us through the jungle of goal setting and tells us what most personal development teachers don't tell us. He also has a personal goal which is shared in this post and it's a huge goal, well worth taking the 10 minutes to read this.

Attachment to mental positions and beliefs – UrbanMonk – Albert speaks about we form attachments and transfer out fears which forms into beliefs, a great read from a first timer here on Sunday Siesta.

How to move out of your comfort Zone – – Paul Sloane talks about we can get out of the rut we have dug ourselves in and gives us some suggestions on what to do like salsa dancing. He looks at life as being a challenge therefore we have to challenge ourselves.

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