Sunday Siesta – July 12th

Another 10 great self development posts from last week, a few surprises in here but well worth the read.

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I'm a bit late with this weeks Sunday Siesta, I was having a little 4 day siesta myself by camping in the Lake District, and it was beautiful, but I'm glad to be back home. Anyway this weeks sunday siesta has a few surprises in here but I hope you enjoy them.

10 Great personal development articles from July 5th – July 11th

Stop blaming genetics for your health problems – – I thought this was a great piece by Vin Miller and he talks about one of my favourite self development authors, Bruce Lipton (Technically he's a scientist but if you've read his work you'll understand what I mean.

Assess – Decide – Do for relationships – – Dragos is another blogger I admire a lot for his style of writing and his insight and is a mainstay here at Sunday Siesta. He has written an article on his lifestyle framework -"Assess – Decide – Do" this time it's for relationships and it's another great read.


I am fed up with life – Discovering purpose – A relatively new kid on the block, Ayo Olaniyan, has written a good article on overcoming the feeling of being fed up.

Going Primal – – Guest post by Guy Baumann – I thought this was a great piece about going back to our natural diet of meat, vegetables, nuts and berries and Guy explains why it could be good for us. I liked it because it was unbiased and was not trying to sell another diet.

What are you going to be exceptional at in 10 years time – – Another interesting post on setting time limits on our goals. Scott talks about becoming exceptional at something you value in your life and using this to sustain yourself and give something to society and the time it takes is around 10 years to become exceptional.

Keep on keepin on – MindHacks – A great little story about Diane Van Deren, an athlete who became a world class athlete after having brain surgery to remove a large chunk of her right temporal lobe. I thought it highlighted what we are capable of if we brush aside the thought processes that get in the way of us doing life.

How giving changes everything – Zenhabits – by guest author Jonathan Mead – Another great post on giving rather than receiving and how the unexpected happens when we do this.

Boredom is an emotional state and you can change it – guest post by Melinda Brennan – Another post on how we can change the state of being bored.

Writers block is sometimes just typers block – – A very short but effective piece on overcoming typers block. I think a lot of people might suffer from this and 37signals offers a good solution.

Finding your true self – – Stephen Mills has written a great article on being alone and following your true self rather than be swayed by others. He also talks about being your own best friend which is a topic I am writing about just now so was very timely.

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