How to develop true courage

Guest author Ayo Olaniyan talks about courage and how to develop it.

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I was walking down the road this morning & different thoughts, ideas, scenarios kept flashing across my mind. I was thinking about my family, wife, son, mentors, friends, work, in-laws etc. After so many thoughts, I came up with this topic "˜True courage is shown having a positive attitude to life's struggles.

What is courage? It is the ability to confront   fear, pain, risk/danger, uncertainty or intimidation. Life has its struggles & battles but it's how we live life that counts. If I were to take a poll of the struggles we all face I am sure the list will be endless, from losing   a loved one, broken homes, marriages, financial security, health, job search, education, parental conflicts, sibling rivalry, business decisions/risks, relationships, our daily activities etc.

Some struggles/conflicts are self induced based on the mistakes we've made, careless decisions we've taken, etc while others are just a phase of life we must go through. It could take a huge toll on us, make us weak, vulnerable, redefine our thinking, or make us strong, determined, live life with a focus/goal depending on how you face it. Even if your dilemma is caused by mistakes; true courage is facing it gallantly. It could come in varied forms but the courage to stay on top is what's needed.

true_courageLife is a warzone

Life is a warzone & it's only the strong that survive & move forward. It takes determination, constant discipline, passion, focus, sound direction etc. to live a life of excellence worthy of emulation. In all this there is an underlying grace that is required. Our battles/challenges in life shape us positively/negatively. They also affect us physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, morally, etc. The end results of all life's challenges should be victory & satisfaction on the premise that you faced it fair & square. Note "˜storms of life will always occur in various magnitudes.'

Struggle/Battles are not worn sitting down folding our arms thinking it will fade away, someone will help/deliver us etc They are won by diving into the heat of the crisis, being determined, taking the right steps to succeed, getting the right counsel, surrounding oneself with positive/challenging people, the right materials that will aid your taking prompt action etc.

Can a woman/man suffering from a broken marriage leave his/her children to despair? Nooooo!!!.   He/She has to be there for the children, build a better & bright future, try as much as possible to reach a point of reconciliation & if it's not possible get occupied with positive priorities.

Can a jobless man earn money constructively? No way!!! He has got to look for a job to earn money, be a responsible, father, husband, son etc. We live in 21st century but I borrowed a leaf from the "˜old school' with my stance here. Now there might be exceptional reasons (very few) as to why people can't work or find jobs but the art of sitting down, folding one's arms not doing or trying to do anything i.e. search for jobs etc.   may start out being okay to you but at what level ?

Can a man/woman aspiring to get married or start off a relationship sit down & wait for someone to fall from the skies? It won't work!!! I guess working on character, communicating properly, being responsible, attractive, dealing with past relationships (if any) staying faithful, will at least GET YOU SOMEWHERE!!

My question today is what are you doing about life's struggles/battles? Are you exhibiting true courage by fighting gallantly? What are you doing??? What are your strategies? Can you answer these questions??

Can we face reality when something we treasure is no longer at our disposal, can we face our fears, struggles, and challenges with dignity, and can we stand up with our heads raised high?

Tips for gathering true courage

From a bit of my experience, I submit the following tips to gathering true courage to face life's struggles.

"¢ Be decided on the subject. (Ensure you have considered your next line of action properly)

"¢ Show some determination to win & excel above life's challenges.

"¢ Be positive & surround yourself with positive people (those who trigger bright sparks in your life)

"¢ Deal with each situation one step at a time.

"¢ Take things easy. Learn to understand we are given one day at a time.

"¢ Understand the value exercising patience contributes to one's well being.

"¢ Get enough rest always. Avoid worrying to much it only causes fear,  depression and insomnia.

"¢ Occupy yourself with things that bring out the best in you i.e. family, children, friends, travelling, reading etc

"¢ Have clear focus/goals.

"¢ If your current struggles are based on mistakes of the past, shake it off, work on them & look at ways of avoiding future mistakes.

"¢ Avoid a consolation party, it aids vulnerability & you end up being a victim.

"¢ Be confident; be proud of what you do.

"¢ Learn to be appreciative/thankful of what you have, whatever good comes your way, people around you etc.

"¢ Learn to enjoy the good sides of life & enjoy it to the fullest.

Will you find hope and show true courage when faced with life's struggles or battles?'

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