Stop Wearing My Boxer Shorts

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There comes a time in every fathers life when their sons begin to get older, smarter, taller, and begin to wear their clothes.

Now I can deal with the older, taller, smarter bit, even although they are only 14 and 12 years old, but what i can't deal with is when they steal my socks from MY sock drawer. Actually the sock thing I can deal with now, I've had to it's when they have actually started wearing my boxer shorts. Now you might think it's because all our boxers are the same colour and same make, not true. My boxers are very distinctive, they are black or grey (faded with years of abuse) and my sons boxers are shiny,, new and bright coloured.

boxer_shortsSo whenever I spot a bit of black or grey peaking out from their jeans the conversation always goes something like:

'Have you got my boxers on?'

Small grin rises to their lips 'No!'

'Let me see'

'What! you want to see my boxer shorts. Do you know I could phone the social work with a request like that, I have childline's number you know.' shaking their mobile phone close to their face.

'Smartarse! are they my boxers?'

And so we dance around, then have a little fight until I can get them into the 'wedgie' position and the wedgie comes to reveal my boxers stretched from above the jeans.

The thing is I don't really want to wear them after their sweaty behinds have been parked in them for a few days.

I guess it must be the same for young girls and their mums clothes, jewellery and make-up.

Why do we wear each others clothes?

Can you remember when you first met your partner and it was great to so them wearing your shirt, it was kinda sexy, obviously I'm talking to the guys here. There was a feeling of closeness when you wore his shirt and when you saw her wearing your shirt, it was cute seeing how the shirt would go past the tops of her legs when she was walking around. That's just what it is, it another way of bonding with each other. The guy is saying I love you enough to let you wear my clothes and think you look great in them and feel close to you and the girl is saying I love feeling close to you by wearing your shirt.

I guess that's what it's like when my sons steal my socks, t-shirts and yes sometimes my boxers. It's validation for me that they want to be close to me on another level and it's them saying they love me enough to wear my clothes.

I am so grateful for this as I know in a few short years they will be all grown up and doing their own thing and won't be wearing my clothes, I'll be stealing theirs 🙂

I am also really happy that they are not wearing my wife's underwear, now that is another story altogether.

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