Spiritual seeds "“ The secret to the law of attraction?

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spiritual_seedsSpiritual seeds

I have read many people complain that the problem with the law of attraction is that it simply doesn't work. Disbelievers have tried it just to say they have tried it, sceptics have tried practicing the law of attraction only to give up after a few days or a few weeks, even believers have given up or become doubters because they have tried it and it doesn't work for them.

Let me ask the disbelievers this: If you plant a tree how long do you wait before you say, that tree is not growing?

If you have a desire and you truly want it there is a process to manifesting that desire.

  1. You have to know what you want first.
  2. You then plant a seed in your imagination for your desire
  3. You nurture your desire, you think about it often, you imagine it every day.
  4. You take action toward your desire, even a little every day.
  5. After you have done all this let go of the outcome.

Take the analogy of planting a tree. You think about which type of tree you want, is it a perennial, is it deciduous, what height does it grow to etc. You then plant the tree. You feed it often, make sure it is growing straight, check on it every day. Once you have let go you no longer check on it, you expect the tree to grow, you don't worry that it is not going to grow, you don't worry that it is not growing quick enough, you just let it go and enjoy the tree for what it is.

This is the same with the law of attraction. You follow all the 5 steps above and then let go of the outcome. You don't know how you're going to get it you just trust that it will come as long as you have the passion and take a little action every day.

If you think "˜I want to earn 1 million dollars', it's never going to happen of you don't have the passion and don't take action toward it.

In our world of lightning fast delivery we get impatient when our desires are not manifested within a few weeks, we give up too quickly.

Let me ask you this: If I said to you "˜you will have (input your desire) this time next year, however you have to take fifteen minutes every day to imagine your desire and take a little action every single day'. Would you do it? I bet you would meditate for fifteen minutes every day and take small steps to your desires.

Small steps

When I talk about taking small steps I mean just that. When you are thinking of your desire every day it will be inevitable that ideas will come to you about how to attain your desire, that's a natural part of problem solving: The more you think about something the better your chances of solving a problem. The same with your desires, the more you think about it the more you will come up with ideas on how to attain it.

Taking action could be as simple as getting a contact for a company you are thinking about working for, or gathering numbers of potential clients, or writing an ad for you local paper to advertise your services. There is a million little small steps you can take to reach your desire.

It might only take 100 small steps to attain your desire, it might take 10,000, the point being is that you take a step each day. Taking 1 step each day will mean in 1 week you are seven steps away from someone who took no steps.

Let the seed grow.

As long as you have the passion for your desire and you are taking action every day there is no need to constantly worry that it is not coming quick enough, there is no point in thinking it's never going to happen, it's useless it doesn't work, just keep going and watch the results.

The problem with the law of attraction

The trouble with the law of attraction is that it sounds like a religion and it sounds like new age crap, I am the first to admit that. There are a thousand personal development speakers out there banging on about the same thing using the same language which smacks of a religion, it's almost as if they are trying to brainwash us. However I don't give a shit what it sounds like as long as it works, I have seen the results for myself, I know it works and I will try and help anyone who want to hear about it.

Give the seed time to grow and your desire will sprout eventually. This will lead you to plant other seeds and pretty soon you will own a farmyard full of desires.


There will come a time when you will block the progress to your desire simply by being inactive, or not imagining it, or thinking negative thoughts about it.

This is a natural part of the process, but it is also a time when a lot of people give up and say "˜This is a lot of crap, it doesn't work'.

Imagine giving up on your children just because they are going through a difficult stage in their lives. I wouldn't say to my son, "˜listen, you've you've failed your exams I worked with you hard on this I am now giving up on you, goodbye.'. There is no way this would happen. This is true with your desires, never give up on them, always think they will happen eventually, take the small steps every day and your desire will come. There will be periods when nothing seems to happen but trust, have faith and keep taking action.

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