Some great posts to get you through the day

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Some great posts to get you though the day.

myself into action
by David Seah – A
very funny post from David Seah about the negotiation between body and mind
about getting up on the morning.

to stop worry and boost your personal power
by Life
Coaches Blog
"“ A look at how to stop focusing on what you can't
control in your life and stop worrying about it.

to read a lot of books in a short time
by Matt
– Always an interesting read when you visit this blog. I
picked out an old post that I found very interesting.

someone with depression
by Staurt
"“ I have been reading quite a lot of Stuart's posts over
the last few months and this one caught my eye, because depression is such
a common ailment.

techniques to get more comments on your blog
by Darren
"“ This is an issue I am trying to address and this post from
Darren is addresses how we can get more comments.

some personality into your blog
by Lorelle
"“ Always a good read over there. This caught my
attention and made me think a bit about my blog.

This is a post to calm me down after my
last post
nearly caused my keyboard to burn up. I looked at the
post again and it sounds like the rantings of a raving lunatic, however some
of you have written to tell me they understand where I am coming from and
I hope most of you do.

Let me know if you have come across any interesting posts in the last week
that are worth writing home about, Either e-mail me or leave a comment
on this post.

Some Amazing Comments


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