Saturday roundup 30th June 2007

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Saturday roundup

It's been a busy busy week all round in work life, blog life and family life. So I have not posted as much as I could have. I will also be going on holiday on Monday so I will hopefully have a few guest authors to come in and help with some great posts.

New affiliate campaign

I have started in the field of affiliate marketing which is proving quite difficult but I am persevering and learning a lot along the way. You can view my daily diary of affiliate marketing at:

as you know I am constantly seeking new ways of making money on the internet. I have been researching this for a few months and took the plunge last Sunday night. I had some success at first but it seems to have dried up in the last few days so I am re-evaluating the ads I have with Google Adwords.

Thank you

I would like to thank the following people:

Mike Balines for linking to me at

Thanks to Old Chap from the Telegraph for linking to me

Alex Shalman for allowing me to guest post on his blog at

Best post for this week

I wrote 4 posts this week but the one post I enjoyed writing was Songs that make my heart sing which was a meme started by Hilda Carroll a few weeks ago and Ed Mills from Evolving times tagged me.

Stats and earnings – Ranked 117,322 (121,390)
RSS subscribers – around 875 (850)
Technorati rank "“ 11,040 (11,140)
Earnings "“ Around $200 (2 reviews to be written for next week)

Blogs, websites and posts worth noting

Barry Schwartz over at the excellent site gives a talk on "˜The paradox of Choice'

Webworkerdaily has a great post on on "˜Aggregating your identity' an interesting world clock showing deaths, births, numbers of cars produced and a whole host of other data as you watch it, very interesting. has a funny look at living in the year 2007 – a great little page giving you firefox shortcuts. – some great USB gadgets – Everything RSS, a superb resource list.

That's it for this week. Stay safe until next week.

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