Releasing the ego into spirituality

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Being a mind-droid.

Every now and again I have to pull my ego back in line; in fact it happens  quite a lot. It's difficult trying to get the balance between trying  to make money for the future and trying to be spiritual. Making money
often involves the ego looking for attention. At every corner the ego stands  and tries to attract attention to itself. Recently I have been doing  this trying to attract visitors to this blog. It might take some time

To realise the ego is on another power trip, but if you realise it you're  doing well, if you don't realise it you will be like all the others in  life living life as a mind-droid. My life as a blogger often sees me  becoming a mind-droid until I notice it. I stop searching for the links,  I stop looking at my Google Adsense earnings, I stop writing articles to attract  links and write from the heart. When we are in jobs where we need to  attract attention it is easy to fall into the ego trap.


The most spiritual person could be the road sweeper who is happily minding  their business sweeping the street. Whistling a little tune to themselves  and happy at work. I used to think road sweeping would be a degrading  job. Now that my job involves a lot of decision making and a little pressure,  road sweeping looks like a good choice. Imagine the thinking time that  can be done when you're sweeping the roads, what other job can offer  you that with a relatively good pay.

It's a good idea to remind yourself of your spirituality every day. Nothing  fancy needs to be done. A simple visualising of you transcending your  body and reaching out to the collective force would be enough. Being
thankful is also a good spiritual exercise. Giving my wife or kids an  extra hug can lift my spirits enormously.

Mind-droiding is an easy trap to fall into, but it is also easy to remedy  when you catch it. Do something that will lift your spirit and you will  temporarily be a free mind-droid, do it often and you will be walking in a
different direction to your mind-droid friends.

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