REBT How to Control Irrational Thoughts and Beliefs

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I have been sent a lot of questions recently about how to control thoughts and beliefs in our life that are not good for us.   This is something I deal with quite a lot as an addiction worker and we use a great tool to help people with irrational thoughts and beliefs.

The tool is called REBT which stands for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy.   In this video I wanted to go over the basics of REBT and show you how you can control, with practice, your irrational thinking and the resultant beliefs about yourself.

I truly believe if we can control our thoughts we can control the way we act and feel about life and REBT is a great tool for this.

Video on REBT and Controlling Your Irrational Thoughts and Beliefs

Here are a few links to find out more about REBT

An introduction to REBT

A more comprehensive look at REBT

As ever I welcome feedback on this topic and the videos themselves as I am always looking to improve them.

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