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It is so very easy to get caught up wondering about what to do in order to live out your vision.  There you are, with these big ideas that you want to make happen.

  • You want to reach a lot of people and empower them with your unique message
  • You want to have a loving relationship that feels cool
  • You want to stop living to the agenda of all the people around you.
  • You want to be the best parent, or even BE a parent…
  • You want work that makes you come alive…
  • You want to feel connected to Spirit in a real intimate way…
  • You want to have a satisfying sex life
  • And ultimately, you want to wake up feeling fulfilled, happy and ready to take on the day…

And it all seems like way too much!

Especially when you consider it from your viewpoint over here where things seems to be getting more and more NOT like what you envision in your head.

So how, you may wonder, do you get from where you are today, to the wonderful picture you have for tomorrow?

And lots of people ask this question…

And get stuck asking this question!

They wonder and they wonder and they think and overthink and then they wonder some more!

And time keeps on ticking along and they are nowhere nearer to the goals that they set for themselves!

But I would like to suggest a different approach – One that works like gangbusters for my clients and for myself…

And it is the "˜Ready, Fire, Aim' method…

What does that mean?

READY – Get clear on what it is that you want.  Now, most people are VERY sure of what they don't want and maybe you will have to start there first.  Make a list of things you no longer want and also a list of what you do want in your life.  Make both lists as specific as possible and decide that you are going to get rid of the things you do not want and replace them with more of what you do want.

FIRE – Regardless of the need at this point to procrastinate on taking action, do not give in.  Every single person on the planet has an internal "˜KNOWER' – that still, small voice or as I call it, the intuitive nudge within you, that has ideas about what you can do to get everything you want.  Ask it a quick question and act on the answer, WHATEVER IT IS!

For example, I can ask myself a question like this – "How do I get another client in the next 3 days?"  and an answer will occur to me and in that moment, I have the choice of saying "Neh, that does not sound like a great idea" or "That seems too scary" or I could just take action on whatever bubbles up inside of me.

You have that choice too!


Simply, take action on whatever occurs to you in that moment.  Don't allow yourself to overthink it, or second guess it – Simply ACT!

AIM – Ok, if you did the above 2 steps, you can now take a moment to check the results.  What happened when you took fire?  Did you get anywhere closer to where you wanted to be?  Or did you end up further away?  Are you not sure?  Ask the question again and take action again.

If it took you further away, ask the question even more clearly and take action again.  Maybe this time, you need to find some support because you really do not know what to do to make things happen, then get support.  Ask for an intuitive nudge to point you in the right direction of the person you need to ask the question and then take action again.

Keep doing this until you get where you want to go.

What if I told you that the only thing between you and everything you want is ACTION!  Would that help you see that all the navel-gazing in the world, though important for clarity at times, will not get you what you want?

It is action and you will not always know what the best thing to do is, logically!  and so then you refer to your internal wisdom and you trust it and you TAKE ACTION!

Will you do that?

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live…
Because you want to!

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