Paradigm Shifting

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How to develop your mind3% of the world's population control 90% of the world's resources. So why would you not follow them, instead of following the crowd?

They are passionate and focussed, but so are many of the crowd. So, what is the key difference? Well, in a word it is paradigm – their (self) beliefs, values and specific and absolute positive focus on their burning desire – they know what they want and they know how to get it.

Your paradigm is 'located' in your subconscious; some say, including the ancient Greeks, that it's in your heart. For me, it's kind of the same – it is all about passion, love, feelings, emotions; all the attributes you associate with the heart. Your conscious mind is responsible for only 3-4% of you thought process, the balance comes from your subconscious. It is vital therefore that you get your paradigm right in order to maximise your success rate and live your dreams (and perhaps become one of the 3%; well, why not?).

Your current paradigm is a product of many years of influence from your parents, friends, family, teachers and the media – some good and probably quite a lot of negatives (certainly if you watch or listen to news broadcasts).

You can shift your paradigm


A key for me in achieving this is to 'not resist evil'. My interpretation of 'evil' is any distraction that is stopping you from living your dream – negative comments from acquaintances, worry over finances, lack of self-belief. You must learn not to resist but rather to "go with the flow" – just as a river flows around boulders. And while on the river analogy – resistance is like you trying to row upstream. If you let go of the oars then eventually the boat will turn and head downstream anyway. Put another way, resistance means that you are letting the distraction or life situation control you (or else it wouldn't need mind-time). You know the type of thing – 'I can't let…', 'What if.. (usually the worst case scenario) happens..'. Let it go! The reality is that you can live in neither the past or the future. Whatever you are doing now, you are doing in the present. So take control – go with the flow – and let go.

How do you let go? For me, there are two excercises that you need to practice. Firstly, still your mind (this might take a lot of practice – it certainly did for me!) and become the observer of, not the participant in, any negative thoughts or life situations that enter your mind. Observe them and let them go. Realise that they can do you no harm in your present state. They will be formed or perceived from the past (which is gone) or from a future that you haven't yet lived and have the very strong ability to influence in any case. Why? Because you have free-will and can choose.

The second part of letting go is also within you – your state of mind or more correctly your state of Being, the very essence of your paradigm. Let me explain. If I were to ask, "who are you?", you might say, "I Am John", or "I Am Joan". But that's not you. It's just a name or label that helps others identify you. You are your state of being – this might be a feeling of health or wealth or happiness. So you would say, "I AM happy" or "I AM Helathy". These affirmations are really important because you may also answer, "I AM not worthy" or "I AM Unhappy". So how do you you practice this part of the paradigm shift?

Some of you may have guessed already. You practice and practice and practice (potentially up to 20 times a day) your (changed) positive affirmations. To get the real benefit say them out loud – this will help your subconscious to recognise and accept them and more especially to bring them to life.

Go for it with affirmations that start, "I Am so Happy and so grateful that …"

For example, "I AM so happy and so grateful now that I have my own coaching business that enables me to positively impact so many people" or "I Am so happy and so grateful now that I have met my perfect partner, my soul-mate". You get the idea.

Okay, to recap, your paradigm is a key differntiator when it comes to success and living your dreams. You can change your paradigm by following these steps:

1. do not resist 'evil' – go with the flow;
2. still your mind – observe all negative thoughts and let them go;
3. practice (really practice!) positive affirmations – "I AM so happy and so grateful now that…."

Try it – what have you got to lose?

I am very keen to hear your thoughts and if it works for you…

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