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10 Power Questions to Improve Your Personal Development

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How much time do you really spend on your personal development?

Today I want to ask you ten questions about your personal development and I'd like you to give yourself a score out of 10 for each question.  After each question there's a few other questions to help you answer the main question.  Just give yourself a score out of ten for each of the main questions in bold.


Question 1: How clear are you about where you are going in life?

Do you know what you want from life? Do you know where you are going in life? do you have plans to get to where you want to go?

Question 2: How competent are you in the things you do in life?

Do you do just enough in your work to get by? Do you have mastery over the different areas of your life and work? Do you need to learn more to become more competent?

Question 3: How confident are you as a person?

How confident are you in general? How confident do you feel within yourself in new surroundings? How confident do you feel speaking up?

Question 4: How open are you to asking for help in your life?

Can you ask for help, when needed, or do you tend to struggle along?

Question 5: How expressive are you about your thoughts, feelings and life plans?

Can you express your thoughts and feelings to others when required or do you keep everything inside?

Question 6: How creative are you as a person?

Do you express your creativity in life, at work, at home?

Question 7: How open are you when it comes to trying new things in life?

Are you able to try new things without fear of embarrassment? Do you try new things without really bothering what others think?

Question 8: How empathetic are you as a person?

Can you put yourself in someone else's shoes to see things from their point of view? Are you open to listening to what others feel? Are you open to different beliefs?

Question 9: How true to your beliefs and values do you live your life?

Do you live your life according to your beliefs and values or do you stray from them when things get a little tough? Do you listen to others first before putting your own values first?

Question 10: How much control do you have over your own emotions?

Can you control your anger? Can you show your emotions appropriately? Do you think irrationally a lot?

Your score

Once you have completed this, add all the scores together to give yourself a score out of 100 – What was your score?

What do you notice about all the questions above?

All the questions are internally driven.   So there are no external factors involved in trying to improve these areas of your life, it's all you.

This means that if you worked on each area above and tried to improve your score by 1 or 2, your life would improve dramatically.   Not only that, but if you improve your score in one area it will have a knock on effect in other areas of your life, so improving each of the above ears has a cumulative effect on other areas e.g. If you improved how clear you were about what you are doing in life, this would improve your confidence, your competence, and your determination to live by your values.   So all of the areas are intertwined and have a knock on effect on each other.

Asking questions like these often enough will keep you focused about your personal development and willingness to improve your life in all different areas.   Breaking it down into questions like these don't make the task of personal development so daunting, and it gives us areas to focus on and try and improve.

What areas could you improve upon?

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