Sunday Siesta – Bloggers Who Have Quit Their Day Job

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This weeks Sunday Siesta is all about bloggers who have managed to quit their day job to become professional bloggers. I have been reading a lot about this lately since I will be doing it soon. I thought it might be interesting to look at a few bloggers who have turned pro and link to their stories of how they managed to quit their day jobs.

9 10 Bloggers Who Have Quit Their Day Job and Turned Pro

Jonathan Mead So I Quit My Day Job, Dear Boss: You're Fired – I like Jonathan's story of how he managed to go from working as a file clerk to managing an employee recognition program to finally giving up his day job, 'stop renting out his mind' and go solo. You can download his free ebook 'The Zero Hour Work Week'

Leo Babuata So I Quit My Day Job "“ Holy Cow! I Took the Plunge – I love Leo's story and it really couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. He quit his day job with U.S. military veterans for the Guam Legislature in January 2008 after a meteoric rise with his blog, which has around 130,000 subscribers. He is now a published author: 'The Power of Less', has written a best selling ebook: 'Zen To Done' and has done so much more since he started blogging in 2007. His story is a fantastic one and is well worth a read.

Caroline Middlebrook

CarolineMiddlebrook.comAbout Caroline Middlebrook – I remember Caroline at the very beginning of her blog and I even remember writing a piece on her called 'The woman who quit her day job' Caroline did it the hard way and quit her job as a software developer and started the blog from scratch. She now has over 11,000 subscribers, has written several eBooks and has become very successful in the blogging world.

Tina Su

ThinkSimpleNow.comDream to Reality: How I Quit My Day Job – One of my favourite personal development bloggers. Tina Su really is an inspiration to many and she has done so much in such a short space of time. She has a loyal following and is well thought of in the blogging community.

Daniel Scocco

DailyBlogTips.comMake Money Blogging – Daniel is another blogging hero of mine. Not because he has quit his day job, but simply because he has great advice on his blog about blogging. he gave up his job at the age of 22 and has never looked back since. He is now a successful consultant and professional blogger.

Yaro Starak

Entrepreneurs-Journey.comOne Day In A Life – One of the best business bloggers on the net and one of the first blogs I sat up and paid attention to and thinking blogging was possible as a career. I love Yaro's podcasts as they are always insightful.

J.D. Roth

GetRichSlowly.comQuitting the Day Job: Finding the Guts to Pursue Your Dreams – I haven't read much of the blog from JD but have read his story and read a few interviews from him. His blog is all about fiance and is geared toward the american market however there are great articles about attitude to money. JD is another inspiration to me and when you read the story you will understand why.

Steve Pavlina

StevePavlina.comBlogging for Money – Steve's blog was the blog that started it all for me back in August 2006. I soaked up his writing and listened to the podcasts and thought WOW! this is what I want to do. I am not so keen on Steve's stuff now but his older material is still amazing and I often listen to his podcasts.

Darren Rowse

Problogger.netBecoming A ProBlogger – Save the best for last 🙂 Darren is perhaps one of the best known bloggers out there. The former Minister turned pro in 2005. Read his story it's brilliant.

Celestine Chua

CelestineChua.comCelestine Chua's Story – I totally forgot about Celestine and she has been in my circle for some time now.   Celestine left a fortune 100 company to start a coaching business and start her blog and she has been very successful starting her School of Personal Excellence

I know I have missed a few famous bloggers out but hopefully if you are looking to becoming a blogging professional it will give you some inspiration as it has me and countless others.

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